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Released today: new Serenity Steel fire pit from Lidl

Things are getting hotter from Thursday 22nd August
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 22-08-2019 10:00am

We’ve been talking a lot recently about preparing for Autumn, but as it doesn’t start until 26th September, it’s still a long way off really. However, one item that’ll be useful both now and in the seasons to come is the new La Hacienda Serenity Steel Fire Pit just released by Lidl.

It features a fire bowl, log grate, mesh lid and safety tool. The black metalwork has been made aesthetically pleasing with just a subtle flick of the feet and the central round dome. It’s a great centrepiece for a rustic outdoor gathering, and for when you need that little extra kick of heat to stay out for a few more hours. And it only costs £24.99!

Although it’s not going to work well in larger spaces, as the sizing comes out at W 41.5cm x H 52cm, it’ll be a great option for smaller patio areas and singular benches or swing seats.

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Hannah Caton

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