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Nostalgic furniture is coming for you

Say 'yes' to retro
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 20-08-2019 10:00am

It’s happening. Throwback fashion is back in fashion. High waisted ‘mum’ jeans are back and we’re secretly hoping bootcuts will too. The same thing seems to be happening in interior décor. Is it because of Stranger Things? Is it because of Brexit? Is it the weird weather? Frankly, we don’t know.

What we do know is that there are a whole range of products that fall perfectly into this bracket of nostalgic beauty and we can tell you all about them, thanks to Furniture123.

For a while we moved away from TV units, opting for the sleek look instead – a string-thin television levitating on the wall. The humble unit was relegated to old 90’s shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. But lo-and-behold, the first in our line-up is this Dark Solid wood TV Unit Freya. Thankfully, it’s not back in exactly the same form. Bulk has been replaced by striking geometric wooden detailing. The Freya unit from Furniture123 is handcrafted from solid acacia wood. It has a natural honey, dark wood finish that helps accentuate the geometric shapes in its surface. A nod to the vintage, with one foot firmly placed in modern style.

Image: Freya Dark Solid Wood TV Unit 

Velvet isn’t just what your nans dresses are made out of, it’s a rising star in the world of sofas. New bold shapes and colours are blending with this antiquated material to produce some of our favourite sofas on the market. The Elba Sofa shown here is a prime example. The deep green of the material is at one a plush statement of luxury and also minimalistic. Perfect!

Image: Elba 3 Seater Sofa in Green Velvet 

Our recent article on sideboards can tell you more. Most ‘generation X’ babies wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly what one is, but (as has happened with records) that’s likely to change. Storage doesn’t always have to be hidden away and invisible to the naked eye. The other option is to make it into a stylish statement. The rustic new Camden sideboard is a great example of this. Perfect in a more muted setting, the patterning is subtle yet noticeable.

Image: Gallery Camden Sideboard Rustic

Lastly, this retro coffee table has to be mentioned. It’s hard to tell if it’s contemporary or old-fashioned. Yes it has triangular feet, but they’re gold and consist only of the silhouette of the metal. Plus, the light wood used is a twist on the usual dark wood employed in retro furniture.

Image: Bengal Light Wood Gold Inlay Coffee Table

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Hannah Caton

Hannah is the online writer for KBBArk, providing the latest scoop on all things interior. She's always on the lookout for the latest trends and most beautiful re-designs.