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Sainsbury’s release new well-being themed fragrance collection

But it’s not out just yet….
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 20-08-2019 08:00am

Next time you visit Sainsbury’s it won’t just be the enticing aroma of the bakery section that has you walking off track, it might be their new range of good smelling fragrances. Candles, diffusers and hand creams are all part of the new collection. It follows on from the success of the Everyday Luxury release last year.

The theme of the collection is ‘wellbeing’. Each of the three fragrances included are on-theme:

Calming – Created to be ideal for relaxation and help preparation for sleep. It blends soothing lavender notes with a hint of cotton flower and zesty lemon undertones.

Restorative – Intended to revitalise, this fragrance has notes of geranium and fresh orange paired with aromatic eucalyptus.

Energising – Made to invigorate body and mind, this one is full of rich floral scents. Rose and neroli are mixed with fresh citrus aromas of bergamot.

Even the minimalist packaging has been created to be calming to the eye – with its soft muted colour palette and embossed foil detailing. It’s going to launch 25th August, so keep your eyes out!

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