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Achieving weightless sleep with pillows

To sleep, perchance to dream…
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 19-08-2019 10:30am

Every year we are becoming more and more aware of the importance of sleep. And yet, we’re only getting six hours and nineteen minutes sleep on average. Between seven and eight hours is the golden amount of sleep time. Although, if you want to calculate the true perfect amount of z’s it’s a good idea to start working out your 90 times tables, as REM cycles take around 90 minutes.

It’s not just the length of sleep that controls how well rested you are, however quality is a hugely important aspect that often gets overlooked. If you’re getting the necessary hours but still waking up feeling tired, quality is probably an issue.


Re-imagining pillows out of the realm of ordinary squareness, Kally Sleep have released a soft new creation that helps us achieve better sleep quality. It does this by encouraging users to take the healthiest sleep posture – a relaxed foetal position on your side. Side sleepers will already know that knees tend to knock together, and your top half is left hanging limply above you.

Designed in a column shape, this new pillow keeps the head, neck and spine aligned throughout the night to prevent injury and discomfort. Already a staple in countries such as Singapore, and called a Bolster there, this type of pillow is only now making its way into Europe. It’s a wonder why we haven’t embraced it yet. It keeps pressure off your key joints, including hips, lower back and arms, leaving you feeling weightless. The inner of the hypoallergenic Kally pillow is made from hollowfiber which moulds to your body shape as it provides comfortable support.

Especially useful for those who need to make the most of sleeps healing abilities - director of Kally Sleep, Ori Leslau explains that, “We have had extremely positive feedback from users suffering with shoulder pain caused by injury and during post-operative recovery”. We foresee the bolder will become increasingly popular in the next few years. Why not get ahead of the trend?

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