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Did you actually relax on National Relaxation Day?

3 baths sure to help you get there
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 16-08-2019 12:30pm

Yesterday was National Relaxation Day, and with studies suggesting that most of us aren’t getting enough sleep, it might be time we took a step back and thought about daily ways to calm our minds and bodies. Meditation and mindfulness are great relaxation tools, as is a long hot bath. We can’t help you much with the meditation, but we have shortlisted the most stunning baths available from Victoria & Albert. Just one soak in any of these gorgeous creations will have you feeling rejuvenated and de-stressed.

[Image: Marlborough bath - Credit: Techne Architecture + Interior Design and Tom Blachford Photography – price from £2,680 inc vat]

The classic of the classics, the Marlborough bath would be comfortable in a 1950’s film, in a 1990’s or in a modern one. It’s an utterly timeless roll-top slipper bath that’s big enough to truly spread out and melt away. The exterior can be painted though if you want to add a splash of personality or make it fit in with an existing colour scheme.

[Image: Terrassa bath – Credit: Forma 011 Design + Isadora Fabian Photography –  price from £3,125 inc vat]

Our next favourite is the freestanding Terrassa bath. More suited to a contemporary bathroom, the smooth curves of this piece manage to be both minimalist and eye-catching. Though the best bit is that it’s made of volcanic limestone mixed with resin. This means it’s highly insulating and warm to the touch. Even the most stressful workday couldn’t resist melting away in this bad boy.

[Image: Mozzano bath – Credit: Atelier Andy Carson + Michael Nicholson Photography – price from £3,200 inc vat]

On the more abstract end, sits the Mozzano. It’s a rimless design with sloping curves like the Terrassa, but the jutting-out far edge of the bath adds a distinctly modern touch. At the same time, it also creates a more natural-looking form, perfect for spaces that incorporate a love of the environment into their style.

The whole selection of V&A baths in the selection are available here.

[Header image: Barcelona bath – Credit: huit design + Chad Mellon Photography – price from ££3,545 inc vat]

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