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The circle of life: why we should embrace the round rug

Round and around and around and…
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 13-08-2019 08:00am

Historically, rugs had to be square, but we’re no longer bound by such dimensions. Thankfully, thanks to manufacturers like The Rug Seller, rugs now come in a whole host of shapes. Circular rugs are items that many find attractive but aren’t sure how to place in the home. Well fear no longer, the time has come to work through the best ways to utilise our circle-shaped friends.

Square rugs match the shape of the room at least roughly, depending on the pattern and texture used. This means they can blend in as a subtle accent to the general style of the room. But round rugs were born to stand out. Comparatively, they provide a contrast to the lines and angles of walls, windows and furniture. This means they should be used to give a softer look to rooms that seem cold and angular. As long as you use the correct size, round rugs fit into square spaces happily.

[Image: Nourison Twilight Circular Rug in Ivory and Blue £1,299]

Alternatively, if you have a big beautiful bay window or especially shapely architecture, a round rug will accentuate the curves. Clearly, they work well with both extremes of room shape; either to offset or to enhance what’s already there.

[Image: Folia Round Rug by Wedgewood in grey from £365]

Apart from using the shape of a room to decide on a rug, you can focus on particular areas of the room that you would like to highlight. For example, to create more distinct room zones. A round rug under the dining table will help to define the dining area. Especially aesthetically pleasing is mirroring the shape of a round table with a larger round rug. Just make sure that it’s big enough to accommodate all of the chairs even after they’ve been pulled out.

[Image: Lotus Flower Circular Rug from £139]

Our favourite tip is that, for larger areas, a round rug is perfect for defining a cosy reading corner. So next time you’re browsing rugs online and your eye skips instinctively over the circular species, maybe go back and have a think about it.

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