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The Fine Cotton Company release their fluffiest collection yet

Go on. Treat yourself
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 12-08-2019 14:30pm

Looking to give yourself a little material pick-me-up? We’ve all felt the difference the quality of sheets can make to the quality of your sleep. It’s absolutely correlated. This in mind, The Fine Cotton Company have just released a new range of high-quality bed linen. It’s all made from natural cotton, which combines breathability with luxury. If this isn’t quite indulgent enough, you can get your initials embellished on the sheets if you opt for their personalised ‘Monogram’ collection.

Little details are certainly given attention in this range. For example, The Roma collection pictured above is not only made from 300 thread count Egyptian Cotton - but has a single row of satin stitching in the centre of each duvet and button fastening at the hem. Little touches like this make all the difference, and often speak louder than big shows of opulence. Additionally, the fabric has also been woven from a slightly thicker yarn than usually used in bedding. This results in bedding reminiscent of the type used in premium hotels.

Equally exciting, and less of a commitment, are the range of throws and towels released. The Lynx runner has arrived just in time for Autumn. It’s made from thick faux fur and adds Game-of-throne-worthy opulence to any bedroom. The 550 gsm towels speak for themselves - you can almost feel the softness through the photos.

For more information about The Fine Cotton Company, you can access its professional profile and images of other products here

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