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Sunset inspired décor: naturally inspired interior wellbeing

What were the last colours you saw in a sunset?
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 09-08-2019 14:30pm

Most lasting interior trends were inspired by nature, so it’s a wonder it’s not more of a staple to use colours of the evening sky. This season sunsets are the source of new ideas and colour blends, perfectly arriving in time for the long golden evenings of Autumn.

Bolder colours such as mustard and ruby are starting to trickle back into fashion after the sleek grey-mania that has been sweeping the UK over the past year. Obviously, paint provides some of the most versatile and varied examples of the sunset colours available. Benjamin Moore has released intriguing mixes like the Grape Juice and Paradise Peach tones. Deep colours like this provide great backdrops for any of the other items in the sunset range.

Of course you can do a little more with textures when it comes to furniture and accessories. Like the Roosevelt velvet sofa from, which is not only available in a beautiful range of orangey tones, but the velvet adds a certain sun-like shimmer.

For smaller touches in the same theme, there are of course a range of lamps, cushions and throws available. Pooky have released a very intriguing ruby-coloured Pirouette lamp that has a twisty, curvy natural form. The Neptune Sefton throw is another perfect example and it’ll come to be even more useful as the seasons continue to roll on. Whilst they’ll match autumn perfectly, by winter these sunset tones will create an interior style that’s both welcoming and warming. Style like this which has lasting appeal is always appreciated.

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Hannah Caton

Hannah is the online writer for KBBArk, providing the latest scoop on all things interior. She's always on the lookout for the latest trends and most beautiful re-designs.