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Natural materials take centre stage in Mkira’s new range

Finally, a truly sustainable interior brand!
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 08-08-2019 12:30pm

We’re keeping a close eye on the new collection due to be released by Mkira at the 100% Design show between the 18th-21st September. The collection includes daybeds, headboards, cushions, throws, fabrics, lampshades, footstools and shelving.

Particularly intriguing is that Mkira have stated that all pieces have been “crafted using age old traditions”. Sustainability is clearly the main focus; everything has been created using raw materials, such as British linens and tweed sourced from Donegal. Their aim is to be “the perfect counterbalance to the modern ‘throwaway’ culture.” An aim we can certainly get behind.

The Designer behind it all is Charlotte England. She spent the early part of her career travelling, which enabled her to try her hand at a wide variety of alternate arts and crafts. England studied pottery in Japan with a renowned sensei, learned traditional paper-making in the Japanese mountains, basket weaving among the Tepuis in the Amazonian basin and life-drawing in Miami.

No, we’re not jealous either.

These experiences have helped to mould the range as a unique collection of fabrics and furniture that are very much made to last. Hopefully this marks a bigger movement towards more sustainable and ethically sourced interior design.

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Hannah Caton

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