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Don't be afraid to use wallpaper in your bathroom

Grab your wallpapering table!
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 08-08-2019 10:45am

Many of us are starting to realise that wallpaper can be an easy cheat way to get a feature wall. Whether it’s to create anything from a brick-effect to a bold jungle print, there are some great patterns out there. It’s also more affordable, and easy to change when you feel your room needs a new look.

Although wallpaper is taking other rooms by storm there is one place that’s it’s taking longer to migrate to. It makes sense to have historically avoided using it in the bathroom; heat and humidity don’t usually mix well with paper. But things are changing.

One new popular trick is to apply a decorator’s varnish to the paper after it has been applied – making sure that the paper has been put on correctly with as little lumps and bumps as possible. When done properly it creates a seal and can make any wallpaper moisture resistant. Placement choice can make a big difference too, using paper on just one wall (as a feature), can avoid the dampest areas next to the bath or shower.

If that sounds a little too fiddly and you had your heart set on a particular wall, there are now plenty of companies that create wallpaper specifically for bathrooms. Washable papers are popular: there are ‘scrubbable’ and ‘highly scrubbable’ types available at If you hate grouting (and even tilers hate grouting) a bathroom-approved scrubbable wallpaper with tile printing could provide a simple solution.

We’re interested to see how the world of bathroom design will evolve now that these new types of wallpaper have emerged. Watch this wall space!

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Hannah Caton

Hannah is the online writer for KBBArk, providing the latest scoop on all things interior. She's always on the lookout for the latest trends and most beautiful re-designs.