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Incoming: Interior Intrigue from Anteriors

Global influences have shaped these new light fittings
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 01-08-2019 12:30pm

Arteriors, the luxury home furnishing brand founded in 1987 by Mark Moussa, has just launched a new collection named AW19.

It introduces a whole host of unique lighting and interiors accessories, celebrating natural materials, handcrafted design and global influences. The key themes for the new season include: distressed naturals, forces of nature, Nordic twilight, jade and noir accents.

Imagine a shape, and it’s likely they have a lamp or ceiling fixture that resembles it closely. The transparent Anteriors Edge Lamp is sophisticated yet intriguing. The tall white drum shade is lined in cream cotton, whilst hand applied 'dollops' of coloured glass cover the transparent glass body. The range of textures and layers to this lamp is a great example of how Arteriors have added a tactility to this range that is truly breath-taking.

For those with a sleeker interior style, there’s the Tilford Lamp or the Vader Chandelier. The Tilford lamp combines the textures of the deep blue body of leather with the warming bright brass base. The overall look is simple but still feels extremely luxurious.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is an organic natural feel to the Wilde Pendant and Volta mirror. The latter is surrounded by rattan which is steamed and then wrapped by hand in a wheat sheaf fashion to create a starburst-like form that surrounds the beveled glass. Fashioned onto the top of a rattan frame in a gray wash finish, the design produces a floating effect that delivers a unique visual appeal to a space.

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Hannah Caton

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