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Ideas For Using Mirror In The Kitchen

Reflecting on it...
   Luke Arthur Wells  |  written on: 06-08-2019 08:00am

Using mirrors in a room is decorating 101 – by now, we all know that putting a mirror in a space will help a room feel bigger and brighter. It's a trick that is often used in kitchens too, with the advent of toughened, shatter-proof glass, in various designs, that can be used as a splashback. Here again, it will help the space feel bigger and have more of a sense of depth, as well as pushing light around the space into any darker corners. But, beyond its benefits, how is best to use mirror in the kitchen?

pendant lighting,mirrored splashback,range cooker,dark worktop
Inspiration by Mowlem&Co

One thing to consider is the expanse of mirror glass you use. An area like a splashback is good as its usually confined to a small space – behind a sink or hob for example. This is not just a concern because it's an expensive material to use, but also because using mirror as a finish creates a look that is as visually noisy as whatever it's reflecting. In a serene, stripped back scheme, you can afford more glass, but if you like a more homely, lived-in style with lots of accessories, all of these will become part of the visual story a second time in the reflection.

In many properties, both traditional and modern, natural light comes from one direction and source, and usually in a kitchen space this is from the garden view. While this is undoubtedly enough to give the kitchen the light it needs, using mirrors in spots where windows could illuminate further will help to brighten up the darker reaches of the space.

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Inspiration by Planet Furniture

You may also want to consider where it's placed for the use it can be – if you position it opposite the garden view for example, you can keep the kids playing outside in the line of sight, even when you're prepping with your back against them. Likewise for talking to guests at a breakfast bar – it just adds an extra layer of practicality when cooking.

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Inspiration by Poggenpohl UK

When it comes to finishes, opt for something more than simple silver mirror. We've all had the uncanny feeling looking a large expanses of mirror where we're not quite sure if it's a window or door (I for one have walked into a full length mirror thinking it's a door more than once). While this choice may create the illusion that a space is truly double the size, choosing something that has a stylistic finish not only adds a design element, but also helps the brain to better decipher the space. The effect of making a space feel bigger will still occur, but the space will make a little more sense at first glance.

And one last thing to consider – there's a reason why distressed mirror styles are so popular for splashbacks. If you don't want to spend forever and a day trying to battle smears and marks on your mirror, an antiqued style gives you an easier to maintain look.

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Luke Arthur Wells

Luke is an interior designer, stylist and blogger at www.lukearthurwells.com. He’s a believer in understated interiors that don’t have to shout to be heard, and he’s currently practicing what he preaches renovating a Victorian terrace in Essex, where he lives with his partner and two pampered pups. When it comes to his design style, he loves new and interesting building materials, a carefully chosen white paint and he also has a weakness for coffee table books and a fresh bunch of eucalyptus.

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