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How could your home be affected by the upcoming weather?

Your house might hate it even more than you do
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 31-07-2019 08:00am

More hot weather and potential storms are expected to be sweeping the country over August. Considering 47% of damage to British homes comes from storm or water damage, according to data from UK Home Insurance providers, it might be time to batten down the hatches and make some last minute checks.

1.       Ranked top of the list of five main dangers caused by this type of weather are damp and mould repair – costing a hefty £16,000 on average to repair.

2.       Next up comes guttering replacement, at £560.

3.       Following closely behind, and more of a danger in rural areas, are the costs of tree surgery. £400 To ensure that wily branch doesn’t fall through your roof.

4.       Stopping roof tiles from slipping off came fourth on the list at £360.

5.       And last, but not least, was fence panel replacement - at a significantly less £100.

Unsurprisingly then, seeing as most of the potential danger areas surround the roof, a chimney is also a weak point that could set you back financially after a storm. Specifically, replacing chimney flashing could add a sizable £800 to your bills.

Recent data collected by Harvey Water Softeners suggest that more than 16 million people in the UK have less than £100 in savings which is not enough to cover any of these common home emergencies. To try and help with this, data has been taken from average prices of Amazon product listings and online tradesperson quotes, which has then been collated into the Home Emergencies Calculator, which can be viewed here.

Martin Hurworth, managing director at Harvey Water Softeners explains what prompted the creation of the calculator: 

"With a recent study highlighting that a third of 20-30 year olds have no savings, it’s troubling to consider the impact this could have on new homeowners. The Home Emergencies Calculator is designed to encourage the public to ensure their rainy day fund is sufficient to cover any dangers that may come their way, especially with the extreme British weather dominating what should be our Summer.” 

“Bad storms and heavy rain can cause a lot of damage to our homes which can cost huge sums to fix. With this in mind, we recommend homeowners take some of the following precautions to keep any emergency costs down. Ensure you have your boiler regularly serviced, keep drains unblocked, and make use of other products and resources such as a water softener to prevent limescale buildup in pipes and appliances where possible.” 

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