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For Sale: a dragons’ den

Are you 'in'?
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 29-07-2019 14:30pm

‘Dragons’ Den’ first aired in 2005, and it’s had the British public fixated ever since. Sixteen series later, the dragons have now flown the nest in search of new pastures and the original loft is up for sale.

It has seen many a hopeful entrepreneur crash and burn, and a lucky few shoot to success. Most of us feel like we know the loft inside-out by now, but there’s still quite a bit to discover. First built in 1890, the loft used to be a Victorian warehouse, also known as a depository. In its past life it was mainly used to store furniture. Such humble beginnings. If you’re thinking of making a bid for the he property in Stoke Newington you could be looking at gaining a spacious 6,000sq ft.

Now being marketed as having potential for conversion to residential or mixed-use, the one-bed warehouse is the perfect project for a creative soul who wants to create their dream home. However, it would set you back an impressive £3.25 million.

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Hannah Caton

Hannah is the online writer for KBBArk, providing the latest scoop on all things interior. She's always on the lookout for the latest trends and most beautiful re-designs.