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It’s barking hot outside! A new study has revealed the best temperature for UK pets

How hot are you on your pet-care knowledge?
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 25-07-2019 10:00am

It’s estimated that we have 51 million pets sitting in British households right now. But few of us could give the exact temperature that’s best for our four-legged friends. Boiler Plan, one of the UK’s leading providers and installers of boilers, has conducted research into the prime heat for our top five pets to stay happy and healthy.


Dog’s temperatures normally run a little higher than adult humans (around 38-39°C), however, in the summer, it’s important to keep them cool. Especially considering a third of UK households own this furry friend. Keeping your thermostat at around 25.5°C in the summer and 20.5°C in the winter will preserve the natural moulting process your dog will go through during the year.


Felines are the second most popular pet in the UK, with an estimated population of 11.1 million. To stay in your cats good book it’s important to keep their living space the correct temperature at all times. In the summer, try your best to maintain a temperature of around 30°C where your moggy sleeps and in the winter, a slightly lower temperature of between 25.5°C and 26.6°C to ensure they are able to grow their natural winter coat is recommended.


The humble goldfish is one of the most common and popular types of UK pet, but more and more households are keeping different varieties of coldwater and tropical fish. It’s important to research the specific species of fish you intend to buy before you make a purchase, as the temperature to keep your aquarium varies significantly depending on the species.

Coldwater fish, such as goldfish and bloodfin tetra, prefer a tank temperature of 21°C or below, to keep them healthy. Tropical fish, on the other hand, prefer a warmer climate of between 24°C and 27°C so a heated aquarium is essential.


The UK is home to around one million pet rabbits. But regulating their temperature is harder as most homeowners keep their rabbits outside in hutches.

The ideal temperature for your bunny is between 15.5°C and 29°C. In the wild, rabbits will spend their days underground in burrows if the temperature above ground is too hot or cold, as the temperature underground is more consistent. 

During particularly hot or cold days, that are above or below the recommended temperatures, the best solution to keep your rabbit at the optimum temperature is to bring them inside or move the hutch to a temperature controlled area such as a garage or shed.

Guinea pigs

There are half a million domesticated guinea pigs in the UK, but do you know what temperature your guineas thrive in? As guinea pigs can’t sweat, it’s important to keep their housing away from direct heat sources, as well as away from any areas of your home that can be overly cold. The optimum temperature for your guinea is between 18°C and 23.8°C.

So there you have it! A guide to keeping your pooches perfectly cool this week while the heat wave continues. 

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