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Hello Michelangelo!

The National Gallery is adding some culture to your living room
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 23-08-2019 08:00am

Recently there’s been a growing trend for more visually exciting décor in our homes. More complex patterned carpets, as seen in our recent article, are on the rise. And now it seems that this is part of a more sweeping growing trend, one that wallpaper is getting involved in too.

You can now make the ultimate ‘feature’ of a feature wall and adorn your home with quality replicas of the most world-famous pieces of art.

The design house Andrew Martin has just been granted permission under license to re-produce a selection of the paintings that the National Gallery holds in its permanent collection. Fancy watching the tv next to some Canaletto, or spending a lazy Sunday morning looking at a Monet from your sofa? Easy.

"Through our license with the National Gallery, if you want Michelangelo to design your wallpaper, we can do it." says Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin.

The murals on offer are made unique and appealing by the hand-painted style they employ as well as the variety of new and old pieces available. It would be best to pair such a bold statement with toned down surrounding furnishings.

The process is pretty simple, you choose your preferred painting by visiting, measure the height and width of the wall you’d like to cover and send your dimensions and painting reference to Andrew Martin via their online order form here.

If the whole wall seems a little too far, Andrew Martin does have some cushions available too.

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