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Why plants are a healthy choice of interior décor

Greener spaces don’t just look good, they make you feel good too
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 12-07-2019 10:00am

According to studies, the popularity of small house plants like succulents and cacti are rocketing. They require very little attention and give a room a splash of fresh natural colour.

But besides looking beautiful, they have plenty of health benefits too. Like trees, small plants remove toxins from the air we breathe. According to a recent study by NASA succulents are especially good at cleansing the air – getting rid of up to 87% of volatile organic compounds. They also keep air temperatures low, reduce dust levels and reduce carbon dioxide levels.

All plants help us to breathe. As part of the processes of photosynthesis they all give off oxygen, and take in the waste carbon dioxide we breathe out – a lovely symbiotic relationship. However, plants were historically banned from some hospital wards because at night they respire like humans and exude carbon dioxide. If you were thinking of adding plants to your bedroom re-design don’t despair - some plants, like succulents and orchids, are different. They keep producing oxygen all through the night. So they’ll keep you refreshed and oxygenated while you sleep – leading to better sleep quality and reduced stress.

Plants might also be the perfect addition to your study or kitchen area, as they’ve been shown to increase focus. A University of Michigan study found that memory retention improved by as much as 20% when plants were present. Additionally houseplants small size means they’re unobtrusive and fit easily into even the smallest office spaces.

Considering they carry a whole host of benefits and need very little care, it’s a great idea to incorporate some houseplants in your next interior re-design.

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Hannah Caton

Hannah is the online writer for KBBArk, providing the latest scoop on all things interior. She's always on the lookout for the latest trends and most beautiful re-designs.