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Over half of Brits don’t change their bedding every week

A new study reveals how squeaky clean (or not) Brits homes are
   Hannah Caton  |  written on: 11-07-2019 17:00pm

There is a growing trend for ‘cleanfluencers’ like Marie Kondo to help us with easy ‘life-hacks’ to achieving calm and peace through tidying our homes. But does this mean most of us really are living in germ-free bliss?

A recent study by End of Tenancy Cleaning London has all the information.

The chore most of us are best at is cleaning the toilet – with an impressive 88% saying they clean their toilet weekly (as is recommended). On the other side of the scale, the chore we’re worst at is dusting the blinds and light fixtures – with only 13% doing this as a monthly habit.

Of the four daily cleaning tasks that are recommended Brits seem to do well on three: 81% did the dishes, 74% vacuumed floors and 73% took out the rubbish. But when it comes to the fourth daily chore, wiping down bathroom surfaces, only 26% of the 2,530 respondents said they did so.

Onto weekly habits, only 43% of people questioned say they change their bedding weekly – an important cleaning habit to remove dead skin, hair and sweat that builds up quickly.

When it comes to monthly habits, only 19% of us clean the dishwasher and washing machine. Although it’s a boring task, it’s relatively quick and can extend the life of your machine greatly – saving you money and helping you to be more environmentally friendly; as a lot of plastic pollution is caused by white goods. Cleaning the oven, infamously known as the worst cleaning job ever, was also unpopular, unsurprisingly only being done by 23% monthly.

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