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Survey: is DIY a dying skill?

New data by AO.com suggests that ‘Generation Rent’ may be contributing to its demise
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 11-06-2019 12:15pm

Nearly half (49%) of 18 to 34-year olds admit they don’t know how to put up a shelf, according to new research from AO.com.

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Furthermore, 31% would struggle to put up a picture frame straight, while over a third (36%) say that the phrase Power Tools puts them off using DIY tools, with the term sounding intimidating.

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Interior design by LLI Design.

However, females aged 18 to 34 are more likely to carry out any DIY jobs in the home than females aged 35 to 55+ (49% compared to 38%).

The research also revealed that the most common places to learn DIY tricks and tips are from parents (48%), YouTube tutorials (27%) and grandparents (14%). Only 1 in 4 (25%) would use an instruction manual to help.

DIY expert Jo Behari believes that there are plenty of DIY skills you can learn and put into practise. She says, "Learning some basic DIY skills not only means your rental property will feel more like a home, but also ensures it’s maintained and in good condition. Renters may well be homeowners themselves one day, so learning DIY skills -whatever your situation - is really beneficial.”  

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The DIY jobs that people find most difficult are plastering (65%) and re-wiring (63%), but 35% also said they would find putting furniture together challenging and one in five (18%) find painting difficult.

Credit: L-R Olli Ella and Woven (Cover image)

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Amanda Peters

I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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