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Revealed! Britain is more house-proud than ever

A whopping 95% admit to being pleased with their abode, according to the latest national survey
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 28-05-2019 12:45pm

2019 is the year that cleaning became “cool” and Britain’s homes are looking more immaculate than ever. With cleaning gurus like Mrs Hinch taking social media by storm, and tidiness becoming increasingly popular thanks to Marie Kondo’s sensational Netflix documentary, it has never been more on-trend to be house-proud.

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Although it is the older generation (over 70s) who are most proud of their homes (98%), millennials closely follow with 96% of 20 to 29-year-olds considering themselves house-proud, according to a national survey by kitchen retailer, Magnet. A quarter of us take greater pride in our home than our parents did at the same age and almost a third are prouder than they were 10 years ago – proving that cleaning is becoming progressively more popular.

Real home: a contemporary open-plan kitchen for a family of three

contemporary kitchen,white kitchen,gloss kitchen,kitchen island,open plan kitchen,minimalist,kitchen storage,German Kitchen,Siemens Appkliances,two-tone kitchen,
Inspiration by Vogue Kitchens

“In today’s digital world, modern consumers are really inspired by the opinions and guidance of influencers,” says a spokesperson from Magnet. “We can see the trend in cleaning and tidying is dominating social media, in turn, making the nation more house-proud than ever before.

“People want a home they can not only see a haven they can relax and de-stress in, but also show off to friends and visitors as a marker of what they work hard for.”

Top five household spaces we are most proud of
1. Living room
2. Kitchen
3. Garden
4. Bedroom
5. Bathroom

Furthermore, the research also reveals that certain objects appear to make us prouder than others. Tech takes the top spot as we are most proud of our TVs (15%), followed by the oven (10%) and then professional art (9%). This takes precedence over children’s art which is only considered something to be proud of by 6% of those polled.

loft,loft bedroom,loft converion,pink wall,pink paint,pink,study,desk,guest,sloped
Inspiration by VORBILD Architecture

In an age where mental health and wellbeing are increasingly prioritised, it is no surprise that the top reason why we take pride in our homes is simply because we want “a nice space to live in”. It has been suggested that a tidy living space can lead to better organisation, in turn, relieving stress and improving our sense of wellbeing.

Credit: TEMZA (Cover image)

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Amanda Peters

I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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