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Need to know: Smeg unveils second generation of Mickey Mouse fridges

The new style features an adorable ‘True Original’ sketch of Mickey, who is reaching for the handle
   Ellie Clow  |  written on: 15-05-2019 12:00pm

Iconic Italian appliance brand Smeg has joined forces once again with Disney to release the second generation of its playful Mickey Mouse FAB28 retro-style fridges.

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Smeg partnered with Disney last year to mark its 70th anniversary, as well as the 90th birthday of Disney’s most famous mouse. The collaboration saw the two brands create a limited edition run of exclusive Mickey Mouse fridges. Only 90 were made using a bespoke sketch of Mickey.

Due to high demand, the pair have come together once more for a second series of the iconic fridges. The new style features an “adorable” ‘True Original’ sketch of Mickey, who is reaching for the handle of the FAB28RDMM4 fridge, which also features a silver plaque with Disney’s logo.

The new fridge has an A+++ energy rating, as well as a multi-flow cooling system, adjustable glass shelves, internal LED strip lighting, new shelving, chrome detailing and life plus zero-degree compartment. It’s available for £1,699 at Smeg’s flagship store on Regent Street in London.

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Ellie Clow

Ellie Clow is the editor of award-winning news site, the trade sister site to KBB Ark, and is currently addicted to KBB Ark as she and her husband attempt to undergo a complete refurb of their first house.