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Revealed: the household rules only the best guests obey

If you regularly play host, these are the rules you might expect your guests to follow...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 15-04-2019 09:00am

We're always instructed on how to be the 'host with the most' - but what about the rules for being the best guest?

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A new study has uncovered the definitive rules every guest should adhere to when staying in somebody else's home - and they're a whirlwind masterclass in etiquette.

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From using the right cups/glasses for specific drinks to swapping shoes for slippers, the rules offer a fairly definitive insight into what does (and doesn't) make a good house guest.

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The research, conducted by Virgin Media, found our need to be online at all times is actually incredibly irritating to others (who could have guessed?), with guests asking for the WiFi code within moments of stepping over the threshhold the biggest host peeve. 

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In fact, 10% of the people quizzed admitted they had refused to hand over their WiFi code to guests requesting it, their logic being that said guest had come to visit them, rather than sit glued to their phones for the duration of their stay. 

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Key rules guests should follow include...

- Taking their shoes off on entry
- Not putting shoes on the sofa
- Always flushing the toilet
- Remembering to use a coaster under a cup of glass
- Refraining from looking at phones/tablets/etc at the dinner table
- Not swearing
- Putting the toilet seat down
- Washing their hands before dinner
- Putting on slippers and socks as they enter the house
- Adhering bans to entering certain parts of the house
- Not logging on to use social media
- Using a specified bathroom
- Only eating in the kitchen/dining area
- Not talking about certain topics
- Waiting a suitable period of time before asking for the WiFi password
- Sitting where told at the dining table
- Using specific cups for specific drinks
- Offering to help with the clearing up
- Sitting in specified places in the living room
- Putting used items in the dishwasher

Speaking about the findings of the study, Richard Sinclair MBE, executive director of connectivity at Virgin Media, commented: "Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we always have the urge to stay online. When visiting friends and family, research has shown that asking for the WiFi code is one of the first things people do. As is courtesy when visiting someone else's home, you should be mindful and always respect their rules to avoid any awkward situations".

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So true! Do you agree with the list of rules? Tweet your thoughts to @kbbark - we'd love to hear from you...

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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