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Need to know: Blanco’s multi-functional range of sinks

Here's the answer to making the most out of your kitchen sink space...
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 22-03-2022 11:47am

We ask so much of our kitchens – they need to be highly functional yet look elegant and fit for entertaining. They have to have the latest tech, but still feel warm and homely. And all this is expected, in most cases, within a smaller or more multipurpose room.

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New homes nowadays do not feature a dedicated kitchen; rather a combined open-plan kitchen and living space. Therefore, the need for space-saving, multi-purpose sink areas is growing.

One such offering that Blanco UK proposes is its Etagon range of sinks. To suit all styles and functional requirements, the series is available in stainless steel, Silgranit® PuraDur® in 10 colours and ceramic in four colours, as well as in under-mount or inset installation options. Etagon’s is a three-level system with cleverly-designed accessories that allows the bowl to be used as a workstation for chopping, rinsing and draining, simultaneously. This becomes ideal for compact or open-plan kitchens where worktop space is at a premium and style is key.

Wider and deeper bowls are now common as they are used to soak baking trays and pasta pots, or simply to keep the washing up hidden while it waits to be rinsed and loaded into the dishwasher. The larger bowl becomes a practical storage area, keeping the countertop clear of mess. 

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In addition to the larger bowls, Blanco offers a range of accessories in a variety of textures and colours, including chopping boards that sit over a portion of the sink bowl, corner caddies, colanders, crockery racks and drainers that sit on the worktop.  All are designed to fit perfectly with your sink, creating additional space and optimising your sink area. 

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