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Revealed! Our first priority when unpacking

Turns out the first thing most us want after a stressful move is a cup of tea or coffee
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 08-03-2019 09:00am

A new study has uncovered that the kettle is the first thing we unpack when we move house.

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UK residential builder Redrow polled almost 2,000 homeowners to find out how we approach the challenge of setting up home and asked questions about priorities and that all important "first box".

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Unsurprisingly, for a nation of tea lovers, more than half (58%) revealed that the kettle was the thing they got their hands on once the final boxes were in.

Rounding up the top three things to tackle were getting the bed made (10%) and unboxing the Wi-Fi router (7%). Almost two-thirds (65%) said they connected their television in the first 24 hours and 57% set up their Wi-Fi router during this timeframe too.

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The report also uncovered that under a third (30%) take a week to fully unpack, while 5% take over a year!

Take a look at the different moving house habits across the UK:

- In Norwich, the boxes for the kitchen are the first to be unpacked
- Belfast residents tackle their toiletry boxes first
- Bristol residents unpack boxes for the main bedroom first
- London residents are most likely to sleep on the floor for the first month
- For Nottingham residents, the kettle, tea and mugs are top priority
- Glasgow residents get their WiFi set up within 24 hours
- Dublin residents first set up their WiFi
- Liverpool residents take an average of two weeks to unpack
- For Cardiff residents, opening a bottle of fizz is first on the agenda
- Birmingham residents prefer to “dress” their home first
- In Manchester, setting up the TV is a top priority
- On average, Edinburgh residents take a week to unpack everything

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Amanda Peters

KBB Ark Web Editor. I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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