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Survey: are UK homeowners stuck in a domestic rut?

According to findings, nearly 50% haven’t changed their domestic routine at all in the last five years
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 07-03-2019 11:45am

The latest research by Sharp Home Appliances reveals that UK homeowners are caught in a rut with life at home neither changing nor improving in the last five years. Only 12% of the 1000 UK homeowners polled would describe their home as either stylish or modern and techie. 

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And what about the traditional heart of the home – the kitchen? Despite the trend for home entertaining, nearly a third still can’t cook any more dishes than they could a few years ago. The survey reveals that 45% only consider the kitchen a part of their routine. Contrary to the popular notion that we all live to home entertain, over half of those with a mortgage only use their kitchen to cook rather than to spend time with family, relax or host guests.

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Kitchen by Kitchen Culture, Credit: Paul Craig

The report states that 4 out of 5 homeowners say their kitchens aren’t quite right for them. In fact, 1 in 5 don’t like anything at all about this space. Over 40% cannot cite anything specific that they like, claiming only to be fond of their kitchen because it is familiar and they’re used to it.

A surprising 78% use the word neutral to describe their kitchen. It would seem that this is a practical choice, as 2 out of every 5 of those polled admitting that it is the cost of renovation that prevents them from experimenting with bolder designs and colours.

With smart home appliances and gadgets taking the industry by storm, the love from them amongst homeowners seems to be negligible. According to the poll, a quarter of home owners believe that their kitchen tech brings no pleasure or fun to their day-to-day domestic routines. In fact, 40% concede that they don’t feel any way in particular about their devices.

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Inspiration by Naked Kitchens

“This indifference and apathy flies in the face of what we’re being continually told about our homes.” says Alberico Lissoni, European sales and marketing director for Sharp Home Appliances. “We’re encouraged to see the home as a hub, a place where we can follow our passions and spend quality time with our families.

“But, for many of us, the reality is quite different, with the kitchen in particular often only being considered a practical space that lags behinds in terms of design and technology.”

However, he insists that it is becoming easier and easier to personalise and update our homes. “With the advent of more innovative lifestyle technologies and smart home appliances that can now work with Alexa, homes are becoming more modern, fun and dynamic,” he continues. “Design ideas are also becoming much more affordable and accessible, giving Brits more opportunity to experiment with looks, colours and technologies, even for traditionally challenging and price prohibitive spaces, such as the kitchen.”

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Amanda Peters

KBB Ark Web Editor. I've been writing for design magazines for a few years now and like nothing more than ‘exploring’ other people's homes (with their permission, of course).

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