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Survey: are you getting enough 'beauty' sleep?

According to new research, one in five women feel ugly after a bad night’s sleep
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 07-03-2019 17:00pm

A new nationwide study of 2,000 people, commissioned by Bensons For Beds, has revealed that 'feeling ugly' and 'piling on the pounds' could be linked to a lack of sleep.

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The report states that 21% of woman, compared to 10% of men, confess to feeling 'ugly' when they haven’t had their beauty sleep.

One in 10 Brits (11%) have 'piled on the pounds' due to a lack of sleep, with those in Oxford most likely to put on weight when tired (23%). One in five also admit their diet goes out the window when they haven’t slept well.

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"It is really easy to blame a poor night’s sleep for our worries and issues, but the reality is a poor night’s sleep can be caused by these worries! It’s a vicious cycle," says Stephanie Romiszewski, Bensons For Beds’ sleep expert.

The study also revealed that despite knowing that we need a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night, most of us get an average of just 5.8 hours. Over three quarters (76%) of Brits regularly survive on less than four hours of sleep, with 10% admitting they have survived on just an hour of sleep.

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Further, 49% of the nation feel moody and distracted when tired, while 34% function poorly at work most days due to sleepiness. The main culprit for the nation’s loss of sleep has been found to be stress, with one in three (44%) adults blaming this as the main cause of being kept up at night.

The UK’s top reactions to a bad night sleep:
- 49% are moody and distracted
- 39% are quick to anger
- 34% are less productive and made more mistakes
- 31% feel depressed
- 30% feel anxious
- 19% are not as confident
- 19% say their diet goes out of the window
- 18% are unhealthy and avoid the gym because they’re too tired
- 17% feel ugly
- 16% have arguments with their partner

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Bensons For Beds’ sleep expert, Stephanie Romiszewski, shares her top tips for reducing the chances of a bad night’s sleep:

- Understand the difference between feeling sleepy and feeling fatigued. This will help you identify what is right for your body at the right times. Sleepiness is literally a struggle to stay awake, while fatigue can be anything else and the symptoms are vast. Figure this out as you know your body best.

- Feeling fatigued might feel like brain fog and emotional but taking yourself to bed may not be the solution – it could be that you need to get outside and go for a walk. Improve how you use your day so that you can look forward to a good night’s sleep later.

- Regulating your sleep pattern, and looking after yourself when you feel fatigued, including eating well and regularly, getting outside and moving more and resting but not sleeping, can have positive impacts on your mental and physical health.

- Stick to consistent wake up times and go to bed when you feel sleepy, rather than forcing yourself to sleep.

- Try not to continuously change your sleep behaviour to get quicker results – our bodies need consistency.

- You can train your brain to sleep when you want to, but this takes time and patience.

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