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Who wants to be a property millionaire? (We do, naturally)

New data has revealed the locations across the UK that are home to the most expensive properties
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 28-02-2019 14:00pm

New research has uncovered the areas across the UK that are home to the most seven-figure properties.

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The data excludes London (the capital has actually seen a decrease in its number of seven-figure homes, though is still home to the most so-called 'property millionaires'), and shows that the number of property millionaires across the country has fallen by approximately 35,000 over the last year.

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According to the insights from Zoopla, a total of 733,777 homeowners are in possession of a property worth £1 million or more. That's a dip from 768,553 in 2019. 

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Whilst the South East of England saw a decline in the number of seven-figure properties (though it still sits in second-place behind London, with 171,454 properties worth £1m+), regions such as the East of England and West Midlands have seen significant growth.

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The data also shows that properties worth £1 million or more account for 2.5% of the market. Guildford is the town home to the most seven-figure properties, with a total of 5,615 worth £1 million or more; Cambridge follows closely behind with a total of 5,246, whilst Sevenoaks is third with 5,188.

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St Albans (4,889), Edinburgh (4,818), Oxford (4,791), Bristol (4,764), Reading (4,642), Twickenham (4,505) and Leatherhead (4,140) make up the remainder of the top 10 - despite not making the cut, Cobham in Surrey has the highest proportion of £1m+ properties, with 44.3% of its homes worth one million or more.
For anyone who isn't quite a million-pound property owner just yet, Zoopla has created a handy calculator to help you work out when, exactly, you can expect your home to hit the seven-figure mark. Try it here!

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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