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Revealed! What makes the perfect staged home?

A good clean and quick paint job can go a long way...
   John Patterson  |  written on: 25-02-2019 09:00am

With 1 in 3 millennials renting for their entire lives, selling a home has become a competitive business. However, for potential sellers it’s not all doom and gloom and you can do plenty to give yourself an advantage when prospective buyers come knocking.

It’s time to get proactive and turn your home into a no-brainer for buyers. Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to an easy sale (and potentially add a few quid onto the value).

1. Declutter (but don’t depersonalise)
If your house is full of knick-knacks and ornaments, it’s tricky for a potential buyer to imagine themselves living there. Keep a few personal touches to create a homely feel but aim for a minimalist approach. Failing to do so can cost you, a study by online services marketplace Bark found that cluttered bedrooms can knock up to £10,000 from a home’s value.

kitchen,island,open-plan,patio,concealed storage,handleless,pendant lights,dining table

2. Freshen up your paintwork
Houses with neutral colour tones are much more likely to draw in buyers as they’re able to project their own style. Even if you’re already a fan of muted tones in your home, it’s important to freshen up your paintwork to make rooms more inviting. Studies have shown that using the right colour can add thousands to the property’s value.

How to bring warm neutrals into your kitchen

3. Fix and clean everything
This may seem like a no-brainer but issues such as chips in mouldings, hairline cracks and dusty surfaces can drastically alter a potential buyer’s opinion of the property. Clean meticulously and ensure that any and all cosmetic damage is taken care of.

contemporary,oak,modern,bespoke,light,natural,cream,couch,sofa,wine cellar,Crittall door
Inspiration by McCarron & Co

4. Brighten up the space
There are a few ways to make your home bright, airy and inviting. The most obvious is to ensure that windows aren’t obstructed and are thoroughly cleaned before a viewing. Mirrors are also a great way to open up a room and distribute light, consider adding some to key rooms (i.e. kitchen, living room) if you haven’t already.

5. Don’t neglect the exterior

Whether it’s the front and back garden, exterior walls or even the front door – first impressions are crucial. It’s worth thinking about undertaking some basic landscaping and repainting/cleaning entry doors to make sure potential buyers feel welcome before they even set foot in the home. Research shows that increased kerb appeal can raise your property’s value by up to £55,000.

Kitchen,contemporary,outside,table,bar chairs,light,wooden,al fresco dining,grey,outdoor dining
Inspiration by Sola Kitchens

6. Get a survey to help identify issues
No matter how thoroughly you check everything in your home pre-sale there will always be something you miss. To avoid any awkward conversations when the offers start coming in, hire a private surveyor to check your property and address any issues they identify.

Preparing to buy a house? This could save you almost £3k

7. Hide your pets
While your furry friend might mean the world to you, there are many people that aren’t as besotted with animals. This could lead to fewer or lower offers. Ship off your pet to a friend or relative’s for viewings, taking extra care to remove accessories and any associated smells. A survey of home buyers showed that up to 40% saw pets as a deal breaker.

kitchen,island,white,cabinetry,pendant lights,patio
Inspiration by Nicholas Anthony

8. The kitchen is the heart of the home
The kitchen is the hub of the home and, as such, will come under close scrutiny from anyone viewing your house. If yours is starting to look a little bit tired, consider taking steps to remedy this such as changing up things like your cabinet doors and applying a fresh coat of paint as a cost-effective way to give the space a fresher feel.

Inspiration by Harvey Jones

9. Don’t leave buyers with a bad smell
As you’re in your house day in, day out, it’s inevitable that you will become used to certain smells. The main offenders here are cigarettes and pets. Smoking indoors can lead to your property being valued as much as 30% less. Make sure you air out your rooms and, for extra impact, use positive smells to your advantage i.e. fresh coffee or scented candles.

10. Leave the viewing to a professional
While you will undoubtedly know your home better than anyone, it’s usually best practice to get a professional to show people around your home. It’s their job to know the right thing to say and identify exactly what features will sell the property. Plus, people feel much more comfortable viewing a house when they aren’t under the watchful eye of the current owners.

Credit: Kitchen Architecture (Cover image)

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