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For sale: an actual real-life castle in Wiltshire

Devizes Castle looks as if it's tumbled out of a fairytale - but it's very much real-life, we promise!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 06-02-2019 09:00am

It's not every day a castle lands on the property market - so naturally, when the opportunity presents itself, you have to strike whilst the iron's hot.

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That's certainly the case with the stunning Grade I listed Devizes Castle in Wiltshire, which is on sale for £2.5 million.

With a pedigree rich in history - in its original carnation, the castle was built in 1080; it was later largely destroyed during the English Civil War before being rebuilt in the 1830s - the property offers stunning countryside views.

With nine bedrooms, four bathrooms and a library (plus not one but two kitchens), the property naturally comes complete with turrets (naturally), stone mullioned windows and exquisite period architecture features. 

In short, it's a dream - so if you're tempted and want to make it a reality, view the listing and arrange a property viewing here.  

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.