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Survey: is the kitchen of the future already here?

New research says most people don’t think so…
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 04-02-2019 09:00am

A new study has investigated homeowners' thoughts on smart-tech in the kitchen.

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When asked what kitchen-based smart tech they expected to see a year from now, respondents to the Hoover Innovation Survey voted sensor taps (33%), connected and smart kitchen appliances (30%) and robotic cleaning appliances (24%) as their top three.

Surprisingly, 31% still thought that it would take more than five years for connected and smart appliances to appear in the home. The findings highlight the real gap between what is actually available and what people think as there are multiple offerings from the top three options already on the market.

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Steve Macdonald, business director (freestanding appliances) at Hoover Candy says: "These results will be surprising for a lot of people, proving that technology used in domestic appliances currently far exceeds public expectations".

Inspiration by Harvey Jones

He continues: "As the brand which launched the UK’s first collection of connected appliances in June 2015, our ongoing mission is to lead the way with smart models. Since 2015 we have made a concerted effort to ensure that our latest smart models offer true benefits to people’s lives, by learning and adapting to provide bespoke solutions to daily problems with household chores".

When asked, 23% chose a connected or smart kitchen appliance as most likely to improve their lifestyle than any other kitchen technology, while 30% said robotic cleaning appliances.

Credit: Hoover Candy UK (Cover image)

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