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Need to know: Gessi’s Art for Chefs collection at Living Kitchen 2019

The Italian brand extends its design expertise to the kitchen
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 17-01-2019 16:00pm

Over the years, the Italian bathroom manufacturer has developed its own distinct design language, making its products uniquely recognisable across the globe. To maintain design continuity, Gessi has, over the years, extended its expertise to the kitchen as well.

Real home: an industrial transformation for a family kitchen in Cheshire

This year at Living Kitchen in Cologne, the brand brought a taste of what it has to offer in the way of kitchen faucets, and front and centre was their brand-new industrial range of taps.


From a sleek pared-back take on the “mechanical” look of GESSI 316 to a bold red of HAPPY that resembles iconic 50s and 60s products right down to the embossed logos and levers with decorative details, the brand explores the industrial style to the very last detail.


However, the tap that was most striking was the MESH with stainless-steel braided curved hose. It is a plucky expression of creativity, refined design and unmistakable style.

UK expected date of release: TBC
Suggested retail price: TBC

Credit: GESSI 316 (Cover image) 

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