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Need to know: Blanco’s new tap provides water volume on demand

The EVOL-S Volume tap will deliver the exact amount of water you need
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 17-01-2019 11:25am

At Living Kitchen this year, Blanco’s EVOL-S Volume tap stole the show.

Say bye-bye to measuring cups and more importantly water wastage as the EVOL-S has an in-built measuring cup function that dispenses the exact amount of water you need.

Ideal for home chefs and bakers, the tap allows the user to first select the specific volume of water needed from a scaling wheel and then use the touch sensor system to start the flow.

It comes with a flexible, removable spout and a Dynamic Flow Control system, meaning the larger the desired amount of water, the stronger the jet and faster the water flow, thus, reducing unnecessary wait times.

The EVOL-S offers a lot of flexibility as you aren’t just stuck with the scaling wheel, it also has the standard mixer on the other side.

Available in chrome and stainless UltraResist finishes, they can be order from Blanco now.  

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