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Need to know: SHARP’s answer to the American style fridge/freezer

Make culinary specialities at home with a fridge that takes the guesswork out of fermenting food
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 16-01-2019 12:20pm

SHARP adds to its fridge/freezer series with TasteMaker, a fridge that offers the ideal temperature and storage conditions for fermenting foods.

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The American style, four-door fridge/freezer is not new to the UK market. However, last year SHARP put their own spin to it with the VacPac Pro by incorporating a vacuum sealer on the door. This year, they unveiled TasteMaker at Living Kitchen in Cologne.

SHARP claims this fridge is for the food experimenters who don’t want to just buy culinary specialities from supermarkets or order it in restaurants. With the option to ferment seven different food and beverage types, including yogurt, kefir, bread dough, pickle, wine and beer, it also allows the temperature to be changed manually, so that other fermented dishes, such as kimchi can be made. Requiring little monitoring throughout the culinary process, TasteMaker can automatically switch from fermenting to cooling mode. The TasteMaker will also be Wi-Fi-enabled, meaning it will send you a notification when the process is completetd. 

It also states that as these speciality foods are made at home, they will have a longer shelf-life and a whole host of nutritional and health benefits.

So, how does it work?

The simple answer is that it offers the ideal chilling and storage conditions to make fermented foods and beverages. For example, once you have prepared your fermented dish, simply select the FermStore option from the outer display on the fridge door. This automatically activates the FermStore menu on the left-hand freezer zone, enabling you to select from seven different fermented options – yogurt, kefir, bread dough, pickle, wine and beer. Once you have done this, TasteMaker will set the ideal temperature and time for this food or drink type, leaving you nothing more to do than store your item and press the Start button.

You can also tweak the temperature manually. In fact, you can change the temperature to suit other food and beverages that aren’t necessarily covered by the seven menu options. Whatever you decide to make, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of the process. TasteMaker will ferment as well as store and preserve your items, automatically switching from FermStore mode to cooling when the specified fermenting time comes to an end.

Tip: As fermentation promotes the growth of good bacteria – probiotics – it will aid in digestion and boost the immune system. It will also keep the development of bad bacteria at bay, so that food can be stored for longer.

SHARP’s European sales and marketing director, Alberico Lissoni says, "With these four-door fridge/freezers, we’re not only redefining the role of conventional refrigeration, but also changing everyday life in the kitchen. We’re bringing more fun to this environment, enabling cooks of all abilities to break from their routines and experience new foodie-related pastimes. Most importantly, we’re doing so without cutting back on fridge space or leading-edge cooling support. In fact, in the case of both fridge/freezers, we’re actually taking cooling standards to new heights, helping to maximise the shelf-life of even the most delicate groceries.”

An added bonus for the VacPac Pro and the TasteMaker is that you can convert one or both freezer zones into extra fridge room – a handy feature for when you are socialising. They also offer a built-in mini bar experience, enabling you to chill that bottle of something special in minutes with the Quick Drink function.

Dimensions: 910mm(W) x 750mm(D) x1850mm(H)
Suggested retail price: £1,999
Expected release date for the UK: Q3 2019

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