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Q&A: Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead of 2LG Studio

The duo created a range of bold kitchen cabinetry with John Lewis of Hungerford, which they’ve used in their own colourful home renovations
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 11-01-2019 14:25pm

What did you set out to achieve with the design of your kitchen space?
We had been planning for the kitchen from the day we moved in over three and a half years ago, so it had plenty of time to evolve. Eventually we decided to open it all up to make a large kitchen/studio space where we can both work and entertain.

What were your design references?
Visually we wanted the space to reflect us and we took inspiration from film and theatre and from our trips to Milan Design Fair and New York Design Festival. We love to disrupt the norm and here we specifically wanted to disrupt the period setting of the architecture. The curves of the kitchen allow for a real wow moment. We love the arches. They almost make no sense for a storage scenario, but they are so much more than that. They play with the space and give amazing negative space around them that adds flair and luxury.

What were the biggest challenges designing for your own home, compared to for a client?
The space needed to work very hard for our lives so the function of everything was important, but perhaps the biggest challenge on this one was to see ourselves as the clients and try to bring out the best of us as people and designers. We always try to bring the positive in life and it was important this space represents that. It needed to refuel us, charge us up and make us smile.

What would you love to see when other homeowners install the Rise collection in their own properties?
We’d love people to play with the colour as much as we have. The soft pinks of the actual kitchen space, the bold colour pop of blue when you open up the office space and the dramatic green of the dining room are some of our favourite elements. We painted pink scallop motifs around our original door frames. A moment of considered madness that never fails to make us smile. We chose a specific palette but John Lewis of Hungerford can colour match to anything so we’d love to see people be really experimental with this.

Credit: Hugh Metcalf (Words), 2LG Studio (Images)

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