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2019 is the year of the scallop-shaped tile, according to the pros

Would you consider incorporating it into your kitchen or bathroom?
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 11-01-2019 11:32am

On the prowl for a stylish new way to update your kitchen? 

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The tiling is a relatively easy area to refresh and there's no better way to do it than incorporating one of 2019's biggest interior trends: namely, the scallop-shaped tile.

Inspiration by Ca'Pietra

According to the experts at Ca'Pietra, the scallop-shaped tile is here to stay, with its fish scale-effect aesthetic helping to add a stylish twist to any space.

4 kitchen surface trends to consider for your 2019 redesign

Of course, this look isn't reserved purely for the kitchen; it lends itself perfectly to the bathroom too, making a stylish splashback or accent wall.

Inspiration by Ca'Pietra

Hamish Smith, Creative Director at Ca'Pietra, tells KBB Ark: "Shapes are proving incredibly popular when it comes to tiles this season, from hexagons to squares, penny to scallop. We love the use of a scallop tile because of its versatility, in both the rooms that it can be used and the way that it is used. Pop it behind a basin in a bathroom, or use it in your kitchen to equally beautiful effect".

Inspiration by Ca'Pietra

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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