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Need to know: the new and improved Scout RX2 robotic vacuum cleaners

Miele has made one of your least favourite chores a whole lot easier...
   Amanda Peters  |  written on: 08-11-2018 15:24pm

Miele has introduced the Scout RX2 robotic vacuum cleaners just in time for holiday cleaning. 

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The Scout RX2 and Scout RX2 Home Vision are ideal for those that consider vacuuming one of their least favourite household chores. The new models boast of a significantly improved suction performance on all types of flooring. This is a result of their newly developed four-stage cleaning system, called Quattro Cleaning Power.

The process…
During the first stage, rotating brushes sweep dirt underneath the unit, with side brushes fitted to reliably reach into corners. Next, a beater bar brushes all coarse debris into the wide opening at the front as a strong stream of air sucks any remaining fine dust through a second, narrower opening. The final stage comprises of a brushless motor with high suction power that is energy efficient and durable.

Smart navigation…
Thanks to 3D Smart Navigation, the vacuum cleaners also feature improved manoeuvring. Two front cameras produce images in stereo for space and objects to be seen in 3D, allowing for the recognition of obstacles and an improved calculation of distances as well as more precisely recording and correcting deviations from its course. 

Seven infra-red sensors at the front of the unit protect against collision with furniture and other objects, with the rotating brushes retracting inwards once an obstacle is encountered. Three further infra-red sensors below the unit offer additional detection, preventing it from tumbling down a flight of stairs, whilst the gyro sensor enables reliable navigation even in pitch-black darkness.

Thanks to WiFi connectivity, the vacuum cleaners can be controlled using the Miele Scout RX2 app remotely. The cleaning progress can be tracked using Home Mapping, which generates a map of the area being cleaned.

Other useful features include a timer function that can be used to programme the start of cleaning.  Up to seven individual times can be set, allowing cleaning to commence at different times on weekdays and weekends.

The Miele Scout RX2 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is priced at £700 and the Scout RX2 Home Vision at £850; visit

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