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Must-Haves: Evolution – Kitchen Tools with Graphic Shapes

The range is not only functional but perfectly fits into any kitchen design scheme

Profile: Metro Tiles and Wooden Accents Give This Room a Spacious Feel

A gloomy bathroom has been revived and is now a bright room that makes the most of the space

15 New Bathroom Looks You Need to Know

How trend obsessed are you? Read on to keep on top of the hottest looks

4 Colour Schemes That Complement Your Mood

From soft and muted to bold, surround yourself with shades that encourage a relaxing ambience

Profile: A Cool Kitchen That Is Both Timely and Timeless

A splash of yellow totally transforms this Scandinavian industrial-style cooking space

10 Boutique Hotel Bedrooms We Love

Bring home the magic of staying in a luxe hotel suite and you'll never have to check out

7 Ways to Make Your Bathroom an Eco-Friendly, Tech Haven

All this technology not only makes life easier but it can offer eco alternatives too...

Profile: A Victorian Home with Parisian Appeal

Classical cornicing and swathes of luxurious marble give this property a certain je ne sais quoi

Profile: Luxury Country Living in Wiltshire

This master bedroom combines luxury and serenity creating a sanctuary with stunning views

Expert’s Corner: High-Tech Bathroom Havens

Designer Dan Cook on the benefits of installing bathroom tech

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Apart from a lighter colour palette, here's what you need to do to make your kitchen feel larger

Must-Haves: High-Tech Bathroom Havens

Create the ultimate relaxing retreat full of high-tech kit that makes life simpler and stylish

Profile: A Glass Extension Turns a Dark and Dingy Affair into A Spacious Home

A double-height kitchen extension floods this 1830s home with ever-changing light

Design Inspiration From the Magical World of Disney

Bring home a little magic from the Disney Kingdom with these inspirational Pinterest boards

9 Ways to a Bigger Looking Bathroom

Follow our to-do list to create a space-boosting bathroom – without actually moving any walls

Profile: A Contemporary Take on A Classic Kitchen Design

Cool colours, clean lines and oak flooring combine to create a calm mood in this kitchen

7 Bathroom Tile Ideas to Steal

A stunning tile scheme is all you need to kick-start your bathroom renovation project

Profile: A Glass Fronted House Worthy of The Stunning Scenery That Surrounds It

A walnut veneer island provides warmth against the polished concrete surfaces of this kitchen

Top 10 Ever So Popular Kitchen Trends

From pattern to colour, we reveal the trends that are flying high on the interior design radar

Expert’s Corner: The Modern Global Feel in The Bedroom

If you’re considering this adventurous look, here’s what our pros have to say about achieving it

3 Kitchens That Stay True to Their Materials

Wood, mortex and brick are the true heroes of these kitchens

What Type of Headboard Should You Get

Looking for a little drama in the bedroom? Wooden or's what to consider

Must-Haves: Bathtubs

Buying a bath is a big investment, so make sure you get the one that’s just right for you

How to Bring Home the Look of Your Favourite Restaurants… Part III

Today’s restaurants have perfected the art of dining. Why not adopt some of their tricks