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Colour guide: how to decorate with summer pastels

Rebecca Snowden shares her tips for bringing warm pastels into your interiors
   Rebecca Snowden  |  written on: 15-05-2019 09:00am

1. Colour block in small and large pastel accents
Adding a hint of colour to neutral spaces will give a bright, cheerful boost of energy to the room. Introduce small elements like a vase or accessorise with cushions in pastel shades on a dark grey sofa to add a pop of colour that’s chic and effortless.

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Inspiration by Furniture Choice

For a burst of personality, update the home for summer by giving a door a fresh coat of paint in the season’s trendiest shades. Neo-mint — a new take on the colour mint — is a unique pastel colour that radiates optimism and relaxation, while blush pink lends sophistication and a soothing feel to a room.

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2. DIY a pastel accent wall
A pastel accent wall in the living room is a striking way to create a dynamic, modern look in the home. It also makes a fun DIY project, where some masking tape, careful planning and pastel paint are all that’s required. An accent wall provides a cool backdrop to style furniture against whether it’s in the living room or study.

Inspiration by Furniture Choice

For example, the neutral shades of a grey armchair in the living room allow it to stand out against a coral geometric wall while a lilac wall highlights the stylish silhouette of a black table and chair. These two looks create a sharp but sophisticated contrast and provide a burst of colour without being too overpowering.

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3. Pair bright pastels for a modern, bold look
For a bold and unique take on the trend, colour block bright pastels for a chic, summery feel. An upbeat colour pairing, like mint and coral feature walls, adds character to a minimal aesthetic while still keeping the overall look understated and contemporary. It’s also perfect for spotlighting natural elements like potted plants.

Pastels,summer,diy,decorating,colour block,mint,neo-mint,coral
Inspiration by Furniture Choice

The colour blocked walls bring a room’s big and small elements together by highlighting its chic details: a modern armchair’s sharp lines and indoor plants that add a tropical spin to the pastel theme. A subtle touch with the right accessories – like a neo-mint cushion for a beige armchair – makes the wall colours feel cohesive to the room.

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Rebecca Snowden

Celebrating stylish homes and discerning the latest design trends go hand in hand for Furniture Choice's interior style advisor, Rebecca Snowden. Get the latest tips and ideas from her on everything related to the home.

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