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Expert's corner: how to plan your perfect pantry

We asked Tom Howley to share his advice for fitting a pantry that matches the needs of your kitchen
   Tom Howley  |  written on: 15-04-2019 11:45am

Kitchens are social platforms for informal wining and dining, as well as preparing food.

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your kitchen redesign

Task lighting is important to install for areas used for food preparation, while the rest of the room can accommodate some subtle, golden mood lighting.


Design by Tom Howley Kitchens. 

The ideal locations and measurements for pantries are dependent on the size and type of space you have.

Five things to remember when choosing the perfect lighting for your kitchen

Further, this is totally dependent on how you use it. When designing a kitchen, I look at the room as a whole and create a balanced design with pleasing symmetry wherever possible and cabinetry of the right scale for the room.


Design by Tom Howley Kitchens. 

When you meet with your kitchen designer, go prepared with an idea of what you will use the kitchen for, alongside preparing food. Would you prefer everything to be hidden away or do you like to have items on display? Do you like curved or linear shapes? Do you need more drawer space or more shelf space?

Everything you need to consider about using wallpaper in your kitchen

Recently, there has been a kickback against the modern, lacquered kitchen towards a more traditional aesthetic.


Design by Tom Howley Kitchens. 

The classic, shaker style is only expected to increase in popularity from its already lofty status in the kitchen design community and amongst our clients. The appeal of great craftsmanship will never disappear, but there has certainly been a resurgence in its popularity.

NEXT! Peruse our moodboard of ideas for a pantry-fix like no other - click any image below to get inspired.

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Tom Howley

Tom Howley is the Creative Design Director of Tom Howley, a creator of bespoke shaker style kitchens for a discerning clientele across the UK. Every Tom Howley kitchen is designed and built for each client, tailored to individual lifestyles and personal tastes. Whether a city apartment or a country home, the result is always a unique kitchen that is not only functional, but truly beautiful.

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