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Style guide: how to bring the tropical look into your interiors this spring

Rebecca Snowden explores how to showcase this tropical look in the home, in two very different ways...
   Rebecca Snowden  |  written on: 29-03-2022 09:00am

#1 Go bold: play with prints, colours and patterns for a maximalist approach
For a huge dose of personality, a maximalist take on the tropical trend is the way to go. With vibrant hues, nature-inspired motifs, and colourful prints all part of the mix, the trick here is in layering them all together.

Inspiration by Furniture Choice

The maximalist approach is a fun, chic way to introduce the tropical look in key areas of the home such as the living room or even the bedroom. It all begins with a good centrepiece: a cosy grey sofa, or dark fabric bed is a solid, comforting anchor to add and build on. And from there, anything's possible!

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To really celebrate this trend, animal-inspired decor and art are a fun way to go, and other tropical elements such as palm prints and lush indoor plants also up the ante. Round off the look with gold or brass accents for an elegant, contemporary touch.

Inspiration by Furniture Choice

Colour also takes the tropical-meets-maximalism approach to new heights by adding a cheerful boost to the space. Whether it’s through brightly-hued cushions and throws or colour-blocking the walls, opting for striking colour combinations - such as Pantone’s Living Coral with teal - really embraces the tropical aesthetic and creates a strong, stylish contrast.

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Inspiration by Furniture Choice

#2 Opt for a light, breezy palette for relaxed, minimalist style
Tropical's calmer, natural qualities can also be embraced through a more minimalist aesthetic. This take on tropical works in all parts of the home, all the way from the living area to dining room, thanks to its welcoming, soothing aesthetic. It's a stylish, versatile look that can be adapted from season to season, while still evoking a fresh, summery feel.

Inspiration by Furniture Choice

Opt for airy hues like off-whites and cream for a breezy, well-lit interior. This creates a chic backdrop for a comfy grey velvet sofa, or even a rich green settee for a luxe boost. Soften the look with various textures such as cushions, rugs, and of course, natural greenery to keep in with the tropical theme.

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Green’s lighter tones can also double as a stylish neutral for the walls. Sage is still a trending colour for the home, and its tranquil vibes fit right into a minimalist, tropical-inspired space. Its soothing, warm undertones offer a subtle pop of colour, and lends a welcoming feel to rooms like the dining area.

Inspiration by Furniture Choice

Lighter furniture will contrast beautifully with this versatile hue: a white dining set stands out nicely as a strong focal point. Natural textures are go-to elements for this look, so slip in materials like rattan and wood to tie the entire room together.

How many of these 'mod-cons' are you unable to live without?

NEXT! Want more tropical ideas for your interiors? Browse our moodboard of ideas below for an inspiration fix...

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