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10 ways to add some glamour to your bedroom this weekend

It's National Bed Month! So what better time to give your boudoir a bit of a makeover?
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 15-03-2019 11:49am

1. Layer up
Adorning your bed with blankets, throws and cushions is a no-brainer way to make it irresistibly comfortable, especially on cool spring evenings. 

Inspiration by Furniture Choice

The only problem? You might find it difficult to prise yourself out of bed in the mornings...

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2. Play with colour
Whether it's switching up the colours of your bedding or painting an old piece of furniture, bringing a new burst of colour into your bedroom is a simple way to bring a new twist of style to your space.

bedroom,pink bedframe,drawers,traditional,spacious,double bed,wooden flooring,bedside storage
Inspiration by Go Modern

You could also consider bringing an accessory or piece of furniture from another area of your home (the living room, for example) into your bedroom, which is a super-simple way to bring a new twist of style to the space.

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3. Go artistic
Whether you create a gallery wall, design a hand-painted mural or invest in a single wow-factor piece of artwork that makes your heart sing every single time you see it, something striking on your walls is a great way to add a little extra flair to your boudoir.

interior Designer,bed,bedroom,bedrooms,bedhead,ceiling,ceilings,gallery wall,photos,lighting,lights,sofa,chairs
Inspiration by Fleur Ward Interior Design

4. Utilise untouched nooks
If your bedroom boasts a space that you just can't work out what to do with, now's the time to try and work out what, exactly, you can do with it.

bedroom,beds,mattress,traditional,contemporary,floor,bespoke wardrobe,
Inspiration by Kindred Bedrooms

A few ideas: you could install shelves, design an accent wall, turn it into a desk-friendly area (depending on the space you have to work with)... 

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5. Up the comfort
It could be a footstool, it could be a chaise longue or it could just be a stack of super-soft cushions - whatever, treat yourself to something that's both incredibly practical for your space and how you use it, plus oh-so comfortable for lounging with. 

furniture choice,serenity,calm,wellness,wooden bed,bedside,rug,pouf
Inspiration by Furniture Choice

6. Rearrange the furniture
As well as giving your bedroom a whole-new look, a shift-around of furniture will also give you a chance to declutter, too. Win-win, no?

bedroom,wardrobe,storage,colour,trend,sliding doors,colour-blocking,wood
Inspiration by Spaceslide

7. Breathe new life into old details
Play with paint and pattern to add a whole new splash of personality into your space. Here, for example, a wardrobe has been adorned with a striking patterned wallpaper to impressive effect.

wardrobes,fitted wardrobes,bedoom,master bedroom,classic,modern,period,mouldings,grey,white,wood
Inspiration by Bath Bespoke

8. Let there be light!
Give some thought to your lighting situation: perhaps invest in a new light fitting, or a sparkling bedside lamp.

Inspiration by Kindred Bedrooms

9. Bring in some blooms
Whether fresh or faux flowers, are perfect for breathing energy and character into a bedroom. The best thing? If you opt for fresh bunches, you can switch them up every single week, meaning the finished look will be constantly changing. 

Inspiration by Kindred Bedrooms

10. Play with metallics
It could be a photo frame, a vase, a light fitting... 

Bedroom,bed,colourful,pendant lighting,forest green,natural,wooden frame

Top image via Cormar Carpets.

NEXT! Want a little inspiration for adding some luxe to your bedroom? Click any image below to start exploring our moodboard of ideas...

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