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Real home: inside the chic remodelling of Cédric Grolet's Paris apartment

The acclaimed master pâtissier has recently overhauled his stylish home
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 13-03-2019 14:00pm

Photography: Francois Guillemin

Take a wildly celebrated young pâtissier from Paris, add a chic apartment and what do you get? A redesign quite like no other...

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"The word 'creating' is at the heart of everything I do," explains Cédric. "Bringing a gastronomic concept to life is so enriching and the feeling of seeing your ideas become a reality is intoxicating. It encourages me to never rest on my laurels! As such, I wanted a space which would give me the freedom to experiment without restricting my imagination".

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

Cédric continues: "I completely remodelled my apartment, from top-to-bottom. I wanted to give it that idiosyncratic 'Cédric' spirit, reflecting my personality and beliefs. This meant it had to be as simple and unfussy as possible, using the very best materials on the market".

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

Cédric's vision for his home was developed by himself: his goal was to create a space that managed to make a 'big, aesthetic statement', whilst also 'allowing for a degree of practicality', essential for exercising his culinary genius. 

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

With a loathing for 'frippery' - that even extends into Cédric's work, meaning his pastries never feature excessive decoration - the aesthetic decided on was one of simple white marble-type surfaces, exposed stone walls and unvarnished wooden flooring. 

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

After exploring a number of surface options, Cédric was most impressed by Neolith and its high-performance qualities. He tells us: "What I like about Neolith is that it's non-porous and very easy to clean, an essential requirement for precise pastry work. For example, I can knead and roll directly on to the surface and it doesn't stain or tanish. It also offers a neutral, crisp background which allows my cakes and desserts to stand out, perfect for my Instagram-ing activity".

(Which is rather important, what with him having over 1.2million followers on the photo-sharing platform.)

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

Neolith's Estatuario Silk was chosen for the island, worktops and splashback, with the island's surface strikingly 'spilling' on to the floor and up the wall to create a 'marmoreal feature which suggests organic continuity within the space'. 

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

This minimalist vibe extends across the rest of the space, too; the bathrooms, for example, strike the balance 'between the rapturous and the robust', with a need for materials that are both water-proof and easy-to-clean. 

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

Neolith's Iron Frost was used for the guest bedroom's walk-in shower, with the 'unobtrusiveness' of the surface's colour offering a soft, relaxing effect in this most serene of bathrooms. 

Inspiration by Neolith® by TheSize

In fact, Cédric has been so impressed with his Neolith experience that he would even consider using it for other future projects. "Having observed the potential and versatility of the material in my own home, I am already imagining specifying it for a future project," he reveals. "I will definitely use Neolith surfaces again for either a culinary laboratory or a patisserie."

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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