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Expert's corner: how to choose the best bed for you

Discover the elements needed to have a restful night's slumber...
   Mark Cort  |  written on: 13-03-2019 11:45am

It is fairly accurate to say that a third of our lives will be spent tucked up in bed. Thus, when it comes to buying a bed, the best piece of advice is to test it first. It is also important to know about its quality credentials – its construction, the materials used etc. so you know what you’re getting yourself into. And to help you make the right decision, here are a few pointers to hopefully steer you towards a deep and restful night’s slumber.

1. Do your homework
Just like for mattresses, there are thousands to choose from and thus, it is a given that you need to do your research. Get an idea of prices, styles and whether you want to buy your mattress and bed frame separately or as a complete ensemble.

bed,frame,headboard,bedhead,wood,contemporary,scandi,scandinavian,pastel,pale,light wood

Bensons for beds Ventura Wooden bed frame, £399.99 

A good bed doesn’t come cheap and you may be taken off guard by how much one costs. But it is important to manage your expectations and buy the best bed you can afford. According to a 2017 report by the Sleep Council, sales of standard doubles still make up the bulk of sales with most people (41%) paying between £200 and £599 for their current bed.

2. Crunch the numbers
Now that you know what is out there, the next thing to consider is the size of your room and bed. Make a detailed note of your room’s measurements. You don’t want to have found that perfect king-sized bed, but then not have enough room left over to comfortably walk around.

bed,frame,headboard,bedhead,metal,contemporary,pastel,pale,pink,wooden flooring,minimalist

Bensons for beds Strand metal bed frame, £249.99

Before buying a bed, also consider its size. You need to make sure it meets your own height requirements, as well as take into account if it can be carried into your property without any problems. Here is a handy online measurement guide to ensure you pick the perfect size for you.

3. Think about the style that works for you
Once measurements are sorted, you should then focus on finding a style which fits within the overall design of your room. The bed is likely to be the most prominent feature in the bedroom, so style is a key consideration.

bed,frame,headboard,bedhead,wood,rustic,contemporary,pastel,pale,picture frame,wooden furniture

Bensons for beds Wild Coast wooden bed frame, £449

Wooden bed frames, for example, can be preferable for a rustic themed room, whereas metal frames are often chosen for their uniqueness, fitting seamlessly into a modern room. And if the bed frame is not enough, many people now also see headboards as a prominent style feature. You can also choose to get your bedhead custom-made to complement other furnishings in the room.

The perfect headboard absolutely does exist and we've got the proof

Tip: If you are someone that likes reading or watching television in bed, opt for a padded headboard for extra comfort. 

bed,frame,headboard,bedhead,modern,contemporary,upholstered,tv bed,wooden flooring,grey

Bensons for beds Legend upholstered TV media bed frame with 40” LED Smart TV, £1899.99

4. Consider hidden storage options
Convenience is key, so don’t waste all that under bed space. Drawer beds offer simple and accessible storage within the bedroom, while ottoman divan beds and bed frames provide ample space under the bed for things like suitcases and larger items.

bed,frame,headboard,bedhead,contemporary,upholstered,pastel,pale,cream,wooden flooring,storage,drawers,under bed storage,pull out drawers

Bensons for beds iGel Pegasus divan bed set, £1199.99

5. Picking the right mattress
Finding the right mattress goes hand in hand with finding the right bed. It is important to do the ‘rest test’, which implies lying down for several minutes on a mattress in your usual sleeping position to check for comfort. Bensons offers their exclusive sleepPRO™ system, which helps people find a mattress that provides the level of comfort and support that’s right for them.

The sleepPRO™ system measures bed firmness on a scale of one to five, with five being the firmest. All you have to do is lie down on a dedicated mattress while firmness levels are adjusted and the sleepPRO™ technology analyses your sleeping needs through a pressure sensing surface that records how your sleeping positions affect the type of support needed. You will then get a personalised sleep profile with a recommended comfort rating, which you can discuss with someone on the team to find the best mattress for you.

Tip: When you shop for a bed make sure you aren’t tired as any bed will feel comfortable.

6. Look at the base of the bed
In terms of replacing your bed, it’s often a good idea to replace the base at the same time as your mattress, so that the two fit perfectly together. Typically, it’s recommended that you change your mattress once every seven years.

7. Weather considerations
For comfort and health reasons you need to understand what makes up your mattress – is it pocket springs, memory foam, coiled springs or a hybrid? For instance, although memory foam tends to be more comfortable, it can cause some people to sweat. It’s really important to make sure your sleep environment is as comfortable as possible and you are sleeping at the right temperature all night to ensure a restful night’s sleep. 


Bensons for beds iGel Pegasus divan bed set, £1199.99

Pam Johnson, temperature control expert at Bensons says, “Surprisingly, your mattress can make things worse by storing up body heat and moisture, which is why we have developed iGel technology which uses special phase change crystals to react to your body’s temperature and absorb excess heat – essentially drawing heat away when you get too hot so you can sleep soundly throughout the night.

When the heat subsides, iGel’s Intelligent Temperature Regulation will release stored heat when you get too cold, meaning you’re never too hot or too cold, but just right.”

Credit: iGel Celestial bed from Bensons For Beds (Cover image)

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