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Real home: a stylish redesign for a family kitchen in London

These homeowners wanted something a little different for their kitchen and dining space...
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 08-03-2019 11:44am

Photography by Anna Stathaki.

When it came to the redesign of this property, located in Hampton, south west London, the new homeowners were determined to do something a little different with their space.

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"They didn’t want your bog standard white cabinets with a dark worktop," explains designer Kia Stanford of Kia Designs. "They were really keen to make sure it had some colour to it and that the kitchen felt like it fit with the rest of the house, which pulls together Asian and mid-century modern influences, combining deep colours with a wide range of pastels."

kitchen,blue,island,stools,pendant lights

Design by Kia Stanford of Kia Designs.

A desire to make the space feel as if it had a sense of history behind it was also key: "they didn't want everything to look brand new," adds Kia.

The project in a nutshell

The property: A detached mid-20th century home in Hampton, London

Who lives here? A couple with three children, ranging from two years to 18

The designer: Kia Stanford of Kia Designs

Budget: Around £75,000 in total

kitchen,island,stools,pendant lights

Design by Kia Stanford of Kia Designs.

With the kitchen designed in a U-shape, the plan was to design the worktop so it flowed all the way round the room. "It order to do that, we went with a continuous solid corian surface, rather than one with lots of different cuts to fit the shape," explains Kia. "Given the age ranges of the children, cleanliness was also important, and a continuous solid surface is a lot easier to keep clean."

One particular triumph of the kitchen redesign was the positioning of the oven. "We managed to build the existing oven into the design quite seamlessly," Kia tells us. "It looks as if it was picked for the project rather than being left behind by the previous owner."

kitchen,island,stools,pendant lights,cabinets

Design by Kia Stanford of Kia Designs.

Another detail worth noticing in the kitchen is the tiling: "the tiles are so beautiful and because they look historic, they look as if they could have been part or the original house," enthuses Kia.

kitchen,blue,island,stools,pendant lights

Design by Kia Stanford of Kia Designs.

Kia and her team worked their magic throughout the whole home, with the master bedroom being another stand-out space. "We fitted three (and a half!) wardrobes-worth of storage, including internal drawers that really allow the clients to make the most of their space," says Kia.


Design by Kia Stanford of Kia Designs.

She continues: "The wardrobes have different shelving and hanging spaces, taking into account the variety of different ways that one might put away their clothes. We wanted to get the wardrobes just right so we could keep the clients' previous set of drawers, too. Beside the bed are the clients' previous bedside tables, and we kept the existing artwork hanging on the walls, too. We used the lighting and colour scheme of the room to bring the space together."


Design by Kia Stanford of Kia Designs.

Kia's advice for anyone who's considering a space overhaul - be it of a single room or a whole home - is to be realistic about the amount of 'stuff' you have. "Everyone has more than they think they do," she says, "even after going through decluttering processes like the Marie Kondo method."

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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