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11 Iridescent Ideas for Your Kitchen

Here's how to add one of 2017's most divine interiors trends to the kitchen!
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 28-12-2021 07:15am
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1. Let's begin with the obvious place to start: tiles
Whether you go for a single statement wall or for an all-over wash of shimmering colour, this can be a simple way to brighten up your kitchen without having to spend a fortune.

Credit: from Pinterest

2. Create a centrepiece around your hob with a statement tiled area
Whether you opt for a pattern or simply a block of colour, this is a low-effort, high-impact way to add a pearlised finish to your hob and draw focus to one of the most important areas of your home.

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Credit: from Pinterest

3. A tiled shelving display = iridescent heaven
Especially if, as here, you use it to house your glassware. So. Much. Shimmer.

Credit: from Pinterest

4. On the subject of tiles, don't think you're limited to squares
Mix shaped accent tiles with plain counterparts for an eye-catching display.

Credit: from Pinterest

5. On the subject of glassware – add interest to your crockery cupboard with pearly teacups and saucers
Almost too pretty to use, they'll make a great addition to a glass-fronted cupboard. (Or the tiled-shelving-display mentioned above!)

Credit: Yardofbleu on Etsy from Pinterest

6. Mrs Potts would be proud...
Take cups-and-saucers to the next level by adding a pearl-finish teapot to the mix. We can't guarantee they'll talk (or sing) but they'll certainly add some fairytale-fantasy to your kitchen!

Credit: from Pinterest

7. Obviously you'll want this washing machine
We're assuming – probably unfairly – that you don't already own it.

Credit: Haier, from Pinterest

8. We've never used the hashtag #cutlerygoals before...
But there's a first for everything, right?

Credit: from Pinterest

9. No – but seriously. Just imagine how breathtaking your dining table will look!

Credit: from Pinterest

10. And why limit yourself to knives and forks when you can incorporate the look to your whole cutlery drawer?
Washing up will never be dull again.

Credit: from Pinterest

11. Finally: think statement light fittings when it comes to illuminating your kitchen
Glamorous, elegant and unashamedly beautiful, an iridescent pendant display will add some whimsical wow-factor.

Credit: ktgwmgm from Pinterest

Whilst chic blown-glass light displays will never-not look breathtaking. Tailor it to your space: the bigger the area, the more the bulbs. For a smaller space, find a lamp alternative that can sit-pretty on a work surface or table top.

Credit: from Pinterest

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   Katie Byrne
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