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Three trending surface ideas to consider for your kitchen worktops

In need of new worktops? Read Jon Stanley's trending tips for a stylish surface choice
   Jon Stanley  |  written on: 05-03-2019 09:00am

Fact: when it comes to redesigning your kitchen, the worktops you choose are of the utmost importance.

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The role of the kitchen has significantly evolved in recent years. It’s no longer a room in which we simply cook and store food. Mixing a variety of materials and styles in different areas of the kitchen can truly add value to the overall space, making it the ultimate gathering hub of the home; a destination for socialising, mealtimes, working and relaxing.

Inspiration by Caesarstone UK

Different material palettes are integral to creating multifunctional kitchen spaces. Using different materials in designated areas can help to distinguish work zones from dining spaces and therefore broaden the use of your kitchen in a simple yet efficient way.

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Inspiration by Caesarstone UK

With all that in mind, here are three of the biggest trends to consider for your worktops if you're planning a redesign this year...

Trend #1: marble
Today, marble is as desirable as ever, albeit with a somewhat more relaxed, softer and more organic appeal; a chance to bring nature into urban interiors, a connection to the earth around us and a natural contrast to other man-made materials.

Inspiration by Caesarstone UK

This desire to be closer to the elements, coupled with our deep-rooted connection to marble, has made it the fashionable choice. Its image adorns everything from food packaging to high fashion. Marbling has become the motif for the new millennium. Caesarstone continues to innovate in this area and has just launched a brand-new marble-inspired colour for 2019 called Empira. To date, White Attica – a finish characterised by deep black veining – remains our bestselling worktop. Marble finishes continue to dominate kitchen themes.

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Trend #2: urban-industrial finishes
One of the key trends that will evolve within the kitchen, bathroom and overarching interiors design market in 2019 is the so-called 'urban industrial' look. The popularity for urban-inspired interiors is only going to grow, especially as we learn how to soften the look and make it more ‘wearable’ in the home. In terms of surface design, it is a style that was pioneered by Caesarstone who predicted the trend years in advance based on what the global design team saw transitioning from commercial interiors into the residential space.

Inspiration by Caesarstone UK

Industrial kitchens tend to go hand in hand with open plan interiors. Open plan design in the home is, by its very nature, a sociable choice. An industrial-influenced kitchen provides a quirky backdrop for entertaining friends and family. Often a large island with a concrete style worktop will serve as the centre of the home in an industrial-inspired kitchen; a place to work in the day and prepare food, eat and socialise in the evenings.

Inspiration by Caesarstone UK

Industrial interiors are as much about the accompanying lifestyle as the look. Caesarstone forecasted the rise and resurgence of the industrial trend in the kitchen and home ahead of its time, investing years of research and development into creating stunning surfaces that look and feel just like real concrete, but outperform it by miles. Our surfaces are made from quartz, a material that is highly heat and cold resistant as well as stain and scratch-proof making it an excellent material for the kitchen, all without sacrificing the authentic effect of real concrete.

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Trend #3: terrazzo reinterpreted
Terrazzo-inspired finishes are also experiencing a revival. No longer just synonymous with the riviera; terrazzo is going through an urban-industrial ‘renaissance’.

Inspiration by Caesarstone UK

Caesarstone Frozen Terra (recently announced as a Wallpaper* Design Award 2019 winner) is a fresh, modern, industrial-inspired concrete-terrazzo fusion surface with sparsely distributed, irregular translucent aggregate and fine black basalt. The ‘concrete’ matt finish of this quartz surface creates an authentic, industrial ‘patina’.

NEXT! Want to add a marble touch to your kitchen? Get inspired with our moodboard of ideas - click any image below to begin exploring.

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Jon Stanley

Caesarstone appointed Jon Stanley as VP Marketing for its new direct business which launched in 2017. Jon has more than 20 years’ experience working with international premium and luxury brands such as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

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