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Style guide: 13 interior ideas that will make you long for the ocean

Add a splash of by-the-sea style to your home with these ideas for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 11-03-2019 11:45am

Like to be beside the seaside but don't want to leave the comfort of your home? 

Browse 1,000s of inspiring ideas for your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom redesign

wall,bathroom,ancona,ceramic,wall tiles,glazed,luxe,glossy,basalto colourway,blue,geometric,patterned,pamesa,aqua,country,mirror,wooden flooring,wooden,

Ancona ceramic wall tiles by Pamesa

We've found the perfect compromise with our round-up of interiors ideas that are guaranteed to make you feel like you're lying by the beach rather than sitting in the kitchen, waiting for the oven timer to go off. Promise!

Bauformat,kitchen,colourful,pink,landscape,painting,dining,breakfast bar,colour contrast,white,black
Inspiration by Bauformat Küchen GmbH & Co. KG

Let the light in
The bathroom is the obvious place to begin when it comes to incorporating a beachy (note: not nautical) twist to your home. If your soak-space boasts large windows, position your tub so you can benefit from the view; if there's a chance people can look into your space, make sure you find a suitable way to preserve your modest.

bathroom,bathtub,greenery,free standing,taps,silver,spa bath

Blinds are perfect for allowing sunlight to stream into your space, whether it's your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. For added beachy charm, paint the blinds in a relevant colour - here, for example, the cornflower blue could almost double as the ocean. (The fact they reveal a busy stretch of B-road when opened is another matter entirely.)

bedroom,bed,summer,shutters,blue,phoenix wood shutters,the shutter store,colourful,contrasting colours,beach,beachy,ocean,Phoenix,wood,Dulux Lunar,Landscape

Consider your palette
On the subject of colours: giving careful thought to the shades you incorporate into your paintwork is of the utmost importance. Now's not the time to add a splash - excuse the pun - of hot pink or deep purple; rather, keep things blue, grey and green to tie into your theme. 

wall, bathroom, deep water green, paint & paper library, rich, coloured backdrop, egshell, marble, aqua, green, pastel, traditional,

Head outdoors
Okay: on the off-chance your property is actually by the ocean, or a picturesque lake, or, at the very least, a swimming pool, you need to make sure the seating situation is on-point. 

flooring,home,interior design,ceralsio,wall tiling,floor tiling,crl stone,ocean stone
Inspiration by CRL Stone UK & IE

An outdoor four-poster that doubles neatly as a temptingly wide sofa is a no-brainer idea if you have the room for it; add blankets to keep things cosy if the temperature dips. 

Bedroom,john hitchcox,outside,wooden,lake,bed,four poster,double bed,modern,contemporary

Make sure the refreshment situation is on-point, too; ice-bucket optional but definitely preferable.

kitchen,pool,worktop,dark worktop,outdoor kitchen,outside

Opt for an accent wall backdrop
Using a screen or stretch of illustrated wallpaper to create a stunning feature wall is a great way to bring the outdoors firmly indoors.

bathroom, bath, bathtub, blue, colourful, modern, water, colour contrast, mirrored, sliding door, luxury, casa son vida, master bathroom

The Kameha Zurich deluxe suite bathroom designed by Marcel Wanders

Add an artistic touch
If you can't commit to a whole wall, consider artwork instead: it's perfect for brightening walls, incorporating personality and embracing the theme you're trying to create.

bedroom, bed, blue, mantelpiece, fire place, fireplace, artwork, paintings, pastel
Inspiration by Homestyle

Decorative details in rich ocean-conjuring shades - such as sea green, as shown here - are also perfect, as are sea glass vases.

Hex, hexagonal, hexagon, tiles, green, white grout, splashback,

Domus in terracotta

Invest in a sprinkling of luscious vegetation
We all know that incorporating greenery and live plants into our interiors can be great for our health - so why not pick some seabed-inspired greenery to display around your home?

stream, freestandingbath, hotelchic, bathroom, hotel, bath #green, acrylic, luxury, homeinteriors, watersbaths ,newbathroom
Inspiration by Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Embrace life-on-the-waves
Create a yacht-inspired feel by designing a bedroom that could easily double as a cabin. (Naturally, this is helped if your home is an actual boat, as per this stylishly laid-out barge.)

beach, boat, nautical, bed, bedroom, blue, rustic, rough, rugged, wood, wooden, boards, Bert & May

Arguably this might work best for a novelty guest-room space rather than as a full time décor option for your boudoir but we love it no less.

Expert's corner: how to light your bathroom in style

And if all else fails...
Install a swimming pool in your garden, if you have the space, budget and inclination: it will cost a fortune, and take a long time. But no less. Go on. You know you want to.

Kitchen architecture,bulthaup,bulthaup b3,bespoke kitchen,contemporary kitchen,open plan,open plan kitchen,kitchen island,double island,indoor outdoor kitchen
Inspiration by Kitchen Architecture

NEXT! Want some underwater-inspired ideas for your bathroom? Click any image below to explore our moodboard...

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Katie Byrne

Katie Byrne is a writer, editor and filter fan (coffee, not Instagram), and lives in a Georgian-built flat that features various statement cobwebs.

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