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Expert’s corner: what to consider when selling your home

Turn your home into a no-brainer for potential buyers...
   John Patterson  |  written on: 22-02-2019 14:13pm

There is no doubt that UK’s housing market has become highly competitive and a leg up is always welcomed. To give you that little extra help to turn your home into a no-brainer for buyers, Terry’s Fabrics asked a range of real estate and home staging experts the essential questions to consider when selling a home and here’s what they had to say…

Panel of experts
- Ruban Selvanayagam, Property Solvers
- Zoe Hassall, Nest Home Staging
- Matt Boyle, Mortgages and Property Expert at Finder.com
- Carolyn Stuart, CS Property Consultants
- Claudia Hearne, Hearne House

1. What are the main things prospective buyers are looking for in a new home?
“It’s fair to say that most people want to move into a nice living environment. The kitchen and living room are important considerations as they are areas where people gather the most. However, people prioritise different aspects of a home, so ensure all the bases are covered.” 
– Ruban Selvanayagam, Property Solvers

grand,kitchen,designer,bespoke,marble,island.,walnut,painted,shaker,traditional,open plan,stools,splashback
Inspiration by Naked Kitchens

“A buyer often makes their judgement before even entering a house based on curb appeal, if not, within the first few minutes of the viewing. They want the property to feel welcoming and spacious. It needs to be a functional home that’s fit for purpose and well-organised with good flow. Therefore, it is crucial that the home shows well and makes a lasting impression. Correct home staging helps just do that.” 
– Zoe Hassall, Nest Home Staging

2. What do you consider to be the worst mistakes a seller can make?
“Spending too little on renovations such as fixing damp can instantly put a prospective buyer off straight away. On the other hand, completely decorating and investing in furniture could be a waste of money if the prospective buyer doesn’t agree with the new style.” 
– Matt Boyle, Mortgages and Property Expert at Finder.com

traditional,kitchen,stone,chic,open,bistro,family,island,light,minimalistic,white,tap,bar stools,contemporary,marble tabletop,marble worktop,slate flooring,storage,shaker

“The seller must not presume that they know their target market – just because a young family currently live in the home doesn’t mean that this is who is going to buy it. The blanker the canvass the more likely all prospective buyers can see themselves living there.” 
– Carolyn Stuart, CS Property Consultants

3. What are your top tips for ensuring that buyers are wowed when they walk through a home?
“By the time a buyer walks through your home, they have likely already seen the floor plans, price and location. You now have the opportunity to show them how it feels to be in the house, and those first impressions are critical. Creating a warm and comfortable space will help buyers to imagine it as their own home.” 
– Claudia Hearne, Hearne House

bedroom, bathroom, rustic, country, scandi, minimalist, french, farmhouse, cosy, fresh, light, crisp

Beautiful old church doors have been fitted to create a new entrance to the garden studio. Lassco is a great place to go to source a huge array of salvaged items

“Make sure things are working! The last thing you want to do is show a buyer a room, switch on a light and find out it doesn’t work. Smart tech, such as apps to control the heating, the lights, the music, are now being adopted by property owners across the UK. Showing prospective buyers this technology in action could leave a strong impression.” 
– Matt Boyle, Mortgages and Property Expert at Finder.com

4. If you had to choose one golden rule for sellers – what would it be?
“Psychology advocates experiences that use and appeal to our senses and I would suggest that it is vital to consider the sense of smell. Try and get rid of any pet or cooking odours but don’t use any scents that are too pungent. Above all, sell a lifestyle, not just a house.” 
– Carolyn Stuart, CS Property Consultants

Kitchen,Kitchen Design,Traditional Kitchen,Kitchen Island,dog,storage,fridge
Inspiration by Kitchens International

“Colour within the home is important to consider. Using updated colours that are also on trend will help buyers remember rooms within a home. Colours which reflect light and adopt a calming mood work best.” 
– Zoe Hassall, Nest Home Staging

5. Do you believe the housing market has become more competitive?
“Definitely. As chartered building surveyors, we have noticed that no doubt due to the uncertainty of Brexit and the mortgage companies’ more stringent affordability measures, there have been fewer enquiries from buyers who are in the midst of purchasing a home.” 
– Carolyn Stuart, CS Property Consultants

“Absolutely – with house prices depressed as they currently are, it’s a buyers’ market. In addition, online property search tools mean each buyer has the entire market at their fingertips. Buyers are in the fortunate position where they aren’t in great competition with each other and can, therefore, afford to take their time looking or hold off on making an offer until the price drops. This means savvy sellers have a to make an extra special impression with their home to entice buyers into believing their property is the one they won’t want to let get away.” 
– Claudia Hearne, Hearne House

Credit: Kitchen by Burlanes Interiors, photography from Malcolm Menzies (Cover image)

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