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Colour guide: 4 ways to go for purple in your kitchen

As Le Creuset unveils its new Ultra-Violet cookware, here's how to add a pop of purple into your cook-space
   Katie Byrne  |  written on: 07-02-2019 11:45am

Let's be honest: purple is probably one of the colours you're least likely to include in your interior design.

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When we say 'purple', we're not talking about barely-there shades of lavender or lilac; rather, we're talking about deep tones of violet and mulberry.

Rich and entirely unusual to spot within the home, it works sumptuously on its own when painted on to walls; alternatively, pair it with a contrasting colour for an alluring accent.  

The same applies in the kitchen: there's cabinetry, accessories, soft furnishings... With the news Le Creuset has launched a new cookware collection (shown above), inspired by Pantone's Ultra-Violet shade (which was dubbed 'Colour of the Year' by the colour authority last year), we thought we'd explore the various other ways purple can be incorporated into a kitchen. Read on for a dazzling array of ideas!

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Go purple with the... Cabinetry
Purple cabinetry is a big committment. For one thing, once it's there, it's there; there's no simple (or cheap) way to change the colour if you get bored of it, or decide that, actually, you're not really a fan... 

Kitchen, glossy, purple, blinds, floral, wooden worktop, drawers, white, stainless steel, oven, handles, cooker hood, tiled flooring
Inspiration by Homestyle

In this space (shown both above and below), the glossy purple cupboard fronts provide a luxe contrast to the simple creamy palette that fills the rest of the space; shades of purple on the blinds tie in between the two quite neatly. 

Kitchen, tiles, square, glossy, drawers, cooker hood, blinds, floral, flowers, purple, mirrored, shiny, oven
Inspiration by Homestyle

This is definitely a colour that works best as a strong statement in the kitchen; pair it with an all-white space for a finish that's as shocking as it is stylish. 

Inspiration by Finch London Ltd

Follow the lead of the space shown below by weaving it throughout your space - it works quite neatly as a zoning colour, too. 

Kitchen,Traditional,blue,pendant lighting,purple cabinetry,island
Inspiration by Mereway Group Ltd

Go purple with the... Seating
For a less permanent, easier to switch-up option, look to your kitchen seating. Whether you opt to upcycle old wooden chairs with a lick of paint, invest in purple cushions or buy all-out purple seating, this is a straight-forward way to bring some of the colour to your space.

Functionality, medium, kitchen, island, dining, parquet, light, farrow and ball, skylight, purple, pink chairs, dining bench,

The couple’s art is a result of "picking up things over the years". The Wasted Youth boombox, seen here is from the London Print Club in Dalston

As per the spaces shown above and below, it again works best with all-white kitchens, adding a burst of decadent warmth to any space.  

loft apartment,renovation,white walls,wooden floor,space,loft,kensigton,staircase,kitchen table,purple chairs,bespoke furniture
Inspiration by TEMZA

Go purple with the... Splashback
An illustrated splashback is a beautifully simple way to bring some vibrancy into your kitchen - and if purple is top of your agenda, why not consider a soothing field of lavender à la the kitchen glimpsed below?

Kitchen,splashback,purple,trees,forest,colourful,pendant lighting,gas hob,white worktop,bluebells
Inspiration by Reco Surfaces

If the thought of a picture-based splashback turns your stomach, opt, instead, for a smooth block of colour that can tie in to the rest of your space. In the kitchen below, for example, a mulberry-toned splashback neatly complements the seating and the framed prints. 

kitchen,artwork,pendant lighting,purple,wallmounted,armchair,wooden flooring
Inspiration by BERLONI

Go purple with the... Upcycled details
As already touched upon with seating, upcycling furniture with a splash of purple makes for a great way to instantly lift a space. Need further convincing? Take inspiration from the bold colour-matching of the cabinetry and the table shown below...

colour-blocking,colour,kitchen,Masterclass Kitchens,kitchen island,pink,green,purple
Inspiration by Masterclass Kitchens

NEXT! After another similarly luxe colour scheme? Consider adding some gold into your cook-space - click any image below to begin browsing our moodboard of 24-carat ideas...

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