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Expert’s Corner: The Modern Global Feel in The Bedroom

If you’re considering this adventurous look, here’s what our pros have to say about achieving it
   EKBB Magazine  |  written on: 06-09-2021 10:24am

- Sam Hood, director of Amara
Mix in furnishings with a focus on contrasted elements; leather against wool or faux fur with wood, for instance. The wild trend is all about textures, natural materials and nature-inspired hues. However, think carefully about geometric shapes, patterns and textures as it’s important to ensure the balance between patterns is right. Too many layers of clashing shapes will cause a lack of harmony, so focus on a centrepiece such as a wall or large rug to make a style statement.

bed, bedroom, comfort, wooden, rustic, natural, bed frame, reclaimed, recycled wood, light, tropical, boho, bohemian, wood, wooden, colourful, rug, native american, blue, side table, ethnic, ,

Charlie High End bed frame by Barker & Stonehouse

- Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf
Try a punchy headboard for a hotel feel or, if you’re feeling less bold, start with scattered cushions. A neutral palette will show off bold colour, graphics and patterns to their best without being too much.

Fauvisimo fabric by Harlequin


- Nathalie Davis, director of Cuckooland
Inspired by the ever-thriving trend for ‘bringing the outside in’, the tribal look is a celebration of a simpler, more colourful way of life. Try statement African or Latin American-style wall art above the bed. Then, you’ll be ready to trot the globe every night...

Ebisu bedding, Credit: Anthropologie


- Claire Davidson, Urbanara
It’s all about being daring and confident with bold pieces, but mixing them and softening their edges with calmer and more personal staples. This way the overall look feels novel, but still homely and inviting. Start with a calmer base in earthy colours and textures, you can then build on that with patterns and brighter colours to accent the space. Bed linen in natural linen, layered with a brighter bedspread and some tribal cushions is a fail-proof combination.

Credit: Urbanara

- Tine Kjeldsen, creative director and designer, Tine K Home
It’s important to preserve your personality and listen to your gut feeling for what appeals to your own style and home. Think of the countries you have travelled or places that you dream of visiting. Mix older pieces with new designs and think either in colours or materials.

pink, pastels, chest of drawers, agate side table, bedroom, bevelled mirror, table light, graham and green, graham & green, Moorish, Moroccan, carved, dresser, lamp, mirror, plants, pink, chair, blue,

Mother of Pearl Inlay chest of drawers, Credit: Graham & Green

Try creating a still life on a bookcase with a small selection of your favourite finds. It’s an uplifting feeling to see all your best-loved things when you get up in the morning and go to bed at night. You can also frame your finds imaginatively in a glass cabinet where you simultaneously have the opportunity to use the shelves for practical purposes such as bedding. You could also create a similar idea in a botanical corner on the floor in the bedroom. Use light furniture and fill the bed with soft pillows and bright linens and if it is at all possible switch the curtains with bright fabric that allows light to come through. Try baskets to store linens and clothes, as they will give a natural look to your bedroom space.

Credit: Ciara Elliott (Words)
Published: As featured in EKBB Magazine, Issue 240, April 2016

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